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having congenital cyst in lower eye lid of left eye, since birth was presented.
The CT appearance of the hydatid cyst is not diagnostic as it may mimic malignant and benign conditions such as congenital cyst, pseudo cyst or hematomas (10, 11).
Differential diagnosis of internal laryngoceles Lesion Description/characteristics Saccular cyst A mucus-filled congenital cyst of the larynx; (laryngeal no communication with the laryngeal lumen; mucocele) found in infants and children Ductile cyst A simple acquired mucus retention cyst; arises in the lamina propria of the supraglottic larynx Tracheocele Communicates with the trachea; may exhibit associated bronchoceles Pseudolaryngocele Associated with advanced destructive disease (e.
It is also called as mucous retention cyst, congenital cyst, epiglottic cyst, base of tongue cyst and ductal cyst.
This cystic mass should be differentiated from complicated hydatid cysts, extralobar sequestration, neurogenic tumors with necrosis, and calcified congenital cysts (1).
Echinococcal cysts can be indistinguishable from posttraumatic and congenital cysts, but are exceedingly rare in North America.
Congenital cysts are typically an incidental finding diagnosed with advanced imaging modalities.
Congenital cysts include dermoid and epidermoid cysts, first bronchial cleft cysts, and cystic hygromas.
Congenital cysts may be derived from urogenital sinus or from mesonephric (Gartner cyst) or paramesonephric (Mullerian cyst) remnants.
The nonparasitic cysts can occur as a congenital and neoplastic, whereas congenital cysts are originally classified into epidermoid, dermoid and endodermoid cysts [5].
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