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We found little evidence for an association between most of the traffic-related air pollutants and most of the congenital anomaly groups studied.
Polyorchidism is a rare congenital anomaly with characteristic sonographic features.
Dr Bell said: "Pregnancy poses a risk for all women, however there is an increased risk for women with diabetes as having a pregnancy affected by a congenital anomaly is twice as likely to occur.
Among women who had filled a prescription for an NSAID during the first trimester, the adjusted odds ratio for any congenital anomaly was 2.
Supernumerary nostril is a very rare type of congenital anomaly.
The practice of medical genetics is predicated on the principle of providing patients with accurate information on the genetic disorder or congenital anomaly that affects them, a member of their family, or an unborn fetus, and then discussing the management options that are available.
Professor Helen Dolk, from the University of Ulster, who co-led the study, said: "The co-occurrence of multiple birth and congenital anomaly among live borns places particular demands on parents and health services.
That the BAV is a congenital anomaly is well accepted, but that MVP is also likely a congenital anomaly--at least some of the leaflet and chordal tissue is congenitally deficient--is less well appreciated.
The South Asian baby, who was born about two weeks ago, had a congenital anomaly known as open bladder, due to which her urinary bladder was open and positioned outside her body at birth.
DATA SOURCES AND EXTRACTION: From bibliographic searches we extracted 10 original epidemiologic studies that examined the association between congenital anomaly risk and concentrations of air pollutants.
1-4) A congenital anomaly is any structural (most common), functional, or biochemical abnormality that is present at birth.
Using data held by the Regional Maternity Survey Office (RMSO) - collected over almost 20 years - it shows the chances of children born with at least one congenital anomaly living up to the age of 20 were as high as 85%.
Splenogonadal fusion is a rare congenital anomaly that affects both sexes, with a male-to-female ratio of 16:1.
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