congenital abnormality

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It was observed that one cub of 32 days in 2013 while second cub in 2014 of 173 days died due to congenital abnormality of liver.
From review of all the records of babies born in MGMGH, Trichy admitted in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit, Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital with the diagnosis of congenital abnormality.
Patients who had specific indication for thorax CT, such as a lung infection, search for metastasis, or the evaluation of a congenital abnormality were included in the study.
Two-thirds of the deaths (<<=18) were attributed to the associated congenital abnormality.
Ankyloblepharon filiforme adnatum is a rare benign congenital abnormality of eyelids characterized by single or multiple bands of fibrous tissue joining upper and lower eyelids either unilaterally or bilaterally.
Congenital abnormality is a term used to describe a range of disorders in fetal development that result in structural or other abnormalities present at birth.
The prevalence of congenital abnormality in United States and United Kingdom is 2 - 3% and in Pakistan the incidence of congenital abnormalities varies from 11 to 15/1000 total births.
Researchers from the University of Bradford and the University of Leeds found that the children of such unions had a six per cent chance of having a congenital abnormality, compared to an average 3 per cent chance.
Ras Al Khaimah: A newborn Emirati girl was successfully operated for a rare congenital abnormality that accounts for one per cent of all intestinal obstructions in the paediatric population.
She said many abortions that take place after 20 weeks are of foetuses which have a congenital abnormality.
Her condition swiftly deteriorated and when her father Andrew took her to hospital, a stroke caused by a congenital abnormality was diagnosed.
They were evaluated on ultrasonography, amniotic fluid index greater than 25cm or a maximum vertical pocket of liquor greater than 8cm confirmed the diagnosis of polyhydramnios and associated congenital abnormality.
This was found by the coroner to be a congenital abnormality.
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