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Synonyms for congenial

Synonyms for congenial

Antonyms for congenial

suitable to your needs

(used of plants) capable of cross-fertilization or of being grafted

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Moreover, an outwardly awkward relationship could develop from congenially socializing and cause the Government employee to lose the ability to objectively oversee the contractor's performance.
Here Christian theology is congenially linked with the postmodernism it so feared throughout the 1980s and 1990s.
Jones, 33, admits his media reputation may be part-earned because he could have handled some facets of fame more congenially, but believes he only ever acted with his loved ones' best interests at heart.
Perhaps, earlier on in our relationship, we interacted more congenially.
But the package is congenially produced, and the average undergraduate should find it easily comprehensible.
As for Bush and Morales, so far the leaders have interacted congenially, in an effort to foster a "constructive relationship".
Within that unruly dispensation, the kinds of text-centered research that Clark mandates in the closing sections of her book--archaeology of the author-function; reading for gaps, absences, and aporias; ideology critique; postcolonial theory and criticism--all jostle more or less congenially, more or less indistinguishably, most of the time.
Open Source," started out congenially even though the stakes are high in the fight between Linux and Microsoft.
Topics of the 20 contributions include a malalignment restorative approach emphasizing gingival integration and papillae support, congenially missing lateral incisors, space closure with lingual orthodontics, esthetic rhinoplasty, and reproducing the natural smile through proper material selection.
Julian Philips' Swift Partitions for baritone and ensemble sets Emily Dickinson poems of the sea with an almost cartoon-like wit, vivid allusive writing referring the listener so congenially to the composer's well-marshalled aural imagery.
Both my students and I continually and congenially questioned why they chose that composition, and "what if you .
In False Silence, what sounds like the congenially disengaged voice of a flight attendant giving instructions for takeoff repeats the haunting monologue: "You can't reach me, you can't hurt me.
3) The third is a "team-teaching" approach, wherein a single teacher/authorial narrative continuum is enriched by multiple, congenially voiced appreciations.
The good old Scholastic habit of a science's proving its object first has fallen out of use, and a critic's claim that a subject should be treated congenially (which in this case would also imply a certain rhetorical elegance) always borders on the unfair.
Griffith's 1915 film The Birth of a Nation; it offered a congenially racist narrative.