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Synonyms for congenial

Synonyms for congenial

Antonyms for congenial

suitable to your needs

(used of plants) capable of cross-fertilization or of being grafted

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Wings India is an international exhibition and conference on Civil Aviation sector, providing a congenial forum catering to the rapidly changing dynamics of the sector, focusing on new business acquisition, investments, policy formation and regional connectivity.
Vice Chancellor felt her entire satisfaction over the arrangements made for the smooth conduct of test in a congenial and conducive environment.
The state minister said that the democracy and journalism were sine quo non for each other and the government was taking appropriate measures for the safety and security of the journalists with a view to create a congenial working environment for them.
The total number of the one-horned rhino in the area has been increased from 100 to 600, due to a combination of different habitats, availability of hygienic drinking water, open meadows and grassy land, as well as a congenial environment the national park offers to wildlife.
Radzicki McManus's is a congenial, adventurous, and inspiring trek through America's wilderness.
Archroma always strives to maintain the highest standards in occupational health and safety, to ensure the work environments are safe and congenial at all it sites.
students should be provided congenial education atmosphere.
This paradoxical nature is revealed through Gold's (1989) typology of adult sibling relationships, in which she posits that adult sibling relationships can be classified into one of five categories or types--intimate, congenial, loyal, apathetic, and hostile--based on the presence (or absence) of closeness, emotional and instrumental support, psychological involvement, contact, acceptance and approval, and envy and resentment in the sibling relationships.
As for India and Pakistan, Modi and Sharif met in a " congenial environment" among small groups at the Dhulikhel retreat, 30 kilometres from Kathmandu, but the ministry of external affairs ( MEA) insisted there was no dialogue on bilateral issues.
Risse advances a view of global justice that he calls "pluralist internationalism," which will be congenial to many in the IR community.
As active investment companies at the market, we called for setting out the congenial formula for rescuing the market, and the Amiri call for economic recovery led to a boom in declining shares," he said.
Roy pledged to ensure "better social security and a congenial working environment" for railway employees.
Both sides released congenial statements today, expressing their delight that the matter has been put to rest.
2 : existing together in harmony <"We are quite as congenial as flies and honey.
95) is a novel that lets the reading public in on a dirty secret: Animal rights activists are not necessarily congenial bosses.