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the process of congealing

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Ice cover of Lake Vendyurskoe usually consisted of two layers (white and congelation ice, Table 2).
Specific applications include the determination of congelation and solidification, gypsum or two-component plastics as well as the hardness, plastic and elastic properties, jointment and other pasty materials.
Euro-Asian Hydrosphere Accidents and a Congelation of Arctic Regions.
1 a), the congelation cause the crystallization of water in membrane structure and space the polymeric chains of chitosan witch led to increasing the effective volume of membrane.
Avec trois chaines de congelation rapide et une quatrieme consacree a la congelationen cube a sa disposition, la societe emballe des choux-fleurs, des choux romanesco, des epinards, des carottes et des courgettes en plus des brocolis et des nombreux melanges.
The flaring glass is visualised, and at last the phantasmatic oesophagus is fed out through it: shatter me shatter me screams the ski lift at soap the equated sea dream up the scam live up the dream how like you this finale to the whole Chang question the whole problematic congelation of hot genitals wrapped in the Houston Chronicle to crack its metaphysic ad banner.
Lysis centrifugation has been shown to enhance the recovery of Bartonella species as well as sample congelation from blood.
There he examines the Armenian phrase loycn macuac, glossed by him as "liquid congelation," the heavenly seas that "separate space from Heaven.
There are three different types of layers in the vertical stratification of a lake ice sheet: congelation ice, frazil ice, and snow-ice [8, 9].
La viande a elle aussi droit a sa cure de congelation.
Il faut dire que ce sont les Japonais qui s'occupent du decoupage, de la congelation et du transport du thon rouge, car cela necessite un savoir-faire que ne nous n'avons pas[beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-il confie.
Thus the stratigraphy of lake ice with snow cover in general consists of four kinds of layers, snow, slush, snow-ice and congelation ice, which are dissimilar in their physical properties.
Les reseaux portuaires sont egalement touches par la pollution entrainee inevitablement par les dechets toxiques des unites de froid et de congelation de l'enceinte portuaire.
Le president de la FAC deplore, par ailleurs, les pratiques de certains commercants qui ne respectent pas les mesures d'hygiene, de conditionnement et de congelation.