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Synonyms for congelation

the process of congealing

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Des cas similaires avaient ete enregistres l'annee derniere, rappelle le communique, soulignant que l'ONSSA, qui a emis une serie de conseils relatifs a l'abattage a l'occasion de la fete de l'Aid Al-Adha, a insiste sur la necessite de respecter les regles d'hygiene et de precipiter la refrigeration de la viande ou sa congelation, selon les besoins et habitudes de consommation chez les familles.
Ice cover of small lakes usually consists of two main layers-a congelation (crystalline, black) and snow (white) ice (Lepparanta & Kosloff 2000; Petrov et al.
D'un cote, nous avons donc le desir de memoire, de stabilisation du passe, de congelation des donnees et de projection d'un avenir; de l'autre s'instaure le desir d'exclusion, de destruction et de suspension d'un (autre) avenir--contradiction interne que Derrida designe comme le 'mal d'archive'.
He thought a commentary should "represent a kind of slow motion, a congelation or immobilisation.
Les ecoles chez nous sont devenues semblables a des usines de congelation des legumes et des fruits pour la conservation provisoire pour enfin la consommation quotidienne.
Specific applications include the determination of congelation and solidification, gypsum or two-component plastics as well as the hardness, plastic and elastic properties, jointment and other pasty materials.
conceived, presented and experienced as clustering, congelation,
Euro-Asian Hydrosphere Accidents and a Congelation of Arctic Regions.
1 a), the congelation cause the crystallization of water in membrane structure and space the polymeric chains of chitosan witch led to increasing the effective volume of membrane.
Carton also cites one word, congelation, which is frequently misspelled congellation precisely as a result of an increased modern tendency to employ [l:].
ideological and historical congelation that is implied in a phrase such
Avec trois chaines de congelation rapide et une quatrieme consacree a la congelationen cube a sa disposition, la societe emballe des choux-fleurs, des choux romanesco, des epinards, des carottes et des courgettes en plus des brocolis et des nombreux melanges.
The flaring glass is visualised, and at last the phantasmatic oesophagus is fed out through it: shatter me shatter me screams the ski lift at soap the equated sea dream up the scam live up the dream how like you this finale to the whole Chang question the whole problematic congelation of hot genitals wrapped in the Houston Chronicle to crack its metaphysic ad banner.
Lysis centrifugation has been shown to enhance the recovery of Bartonella species as well as sample congelation from blood.
There he examines the Armenian phrase loycn macuac, glossed by him as "liquid congelation," the heavenly seas that "separate space from Heaven.