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the process of congealing

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Deze transformatie is voor hem geen toestand, maar een tijdelijke fase van het dialectische proces en overgang: "It is the congealment during the shift of the prism, in the last illusion of meaning during the fragmentation" (Dog Heart, 69).
structural and ideological reasons: the congealment of the once more
The result of this is that there is an attempt, on the one hand, to capture and eternalise the so-called fleeting moment by means of the narrative and method of presentation, almost like the congealment of paint on canvas.
The synchronic and diachronic dimensions of As I Lay Dying thus enter into a temporal aporia that constitutes the aesthetic tension of the text, a tension that threatens to subsume the narrative and its interpretive reconstruction in a densely interwoven congealment of repetitions and digressions.
It was a conception of order that recognized the impossibility of congealment within any fixed incarnation.