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the process of congealing

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The synchronic and diachronic dimensions of As I Lay Dying thus enter into a temporal aporia that constitutes the aesthetic tension of the text, a tension that threatens to subsume the narrative and its interpretive reconstruction in a densely interwoven congealment of repetitions and digressions.
Milton adds that negative liberty does not end disagreement but merely civilizes it, which is why its most potent enemy is not contention but stasis: a "rigid external formality" that "may as soon fall again into a grosse conforming stupidity, a stark and dead congealment of wood and hay and stubble forc't and frozen together" (Complete Prose, 2:564, emphasis in original).
It was a conception of order that recognized the impossibility of congealment within any fixed incarnation.
La Segunda seccion se titula "The Popular and the Urban: Scenic Fragments" y queda divida en tres subcapitulos: "Neobaroque Debris: Scabs and Decorations", "The Congealment of the Pose and Urban Velocities" y "Dismantlings of Identity, Perversions of Cedes".
Yukisada Isao's A Day on the Planet represents the rapid congealment of Japanese alienation into a set of conventions.
It is, however, important to point to the structures of domination that permeate these transformations, for it is relations of power that ultimately reveal the congealment of hegemonic institutionalized practices that determine the legitimate, the acceptable, and the remits of politics.
As the death drive itself, though, refuses the congealment characteristic of literality, dismantling the reified identities without which we couldn't survive as ourselves, so the queer must insist on troubling, on queering, all social organization as such--on troubling, therefore, and on queering ourselves and our investment in such organization.