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Synonyms for congeal

Synonyms for congeal

to make or become physically hard

to change or be changed from a liquid into a soft, semisolid, or solid mass

Synonyms for congeal

become gelatinous


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Then, microparticles containing the coground system were produced by the spray congealing technique, using Gclucire [R] 50/13 as a hydrophilic low melting point carrier.
The work presented in this paper investigates the possibility of applying, for the first time, the spray congealing technology to the preparation of microparticles for the delivery of a herbal drug.
The main goal of this research project was to evaluate the potential of combining the mechanochemical activation and the production of microparticles by spray congealing to obtain a delivery system with enhanced oral bioavailability of the main flavolignans (silybine A and B) of Silybum Marianum.
These drawbacks can be possibly overcome by conversion into spherical particles through spray congealing process.
In the present study coground systems, containing the dry extract and sodium croscarmellose (Ac-Di-Sol [R]), have been produced and characterised with the purpose of dispersing the coground powders inside the fluid to be atomized for the final production of micropar-ticles by spray congealing.
In the second part of the research, Gelucire [R] 50/13 microparticles containing the dry extract, the dry extract: Ac-Di-Sol [R] physical mixture or the coground system were produced by the spray congealing technique.
Higher amounts of dry extract impaired the success of the spray congealing process preventing solidification of the carrier.
As for the solid state analyses, all the characterizations agreed to attest the lack of significant changes of the dry extract solid state after spray congealing process.
6), even though dominated by the typical intense signals of Gelucire [R] 50/13 between 16 and 25 [degrees] of 29, were dependent on the solid state of the powders dispersed in the Gelucire [R] 50/13, testifying that in this case spray congealing did not lead to a change in the drug solid state and crystalline silybine was still detectable in all samples.
The in vitro solubilization kinetic results suggested that the association of mechanochemical activation and spray congealing could be considered an innovative and very useful approach to improve both the rate and the extent of dissolution of the flavolignans of Silybum Marianum dry extract.
First of all, the possibility of applying with success and for the first time the spray congealing technology to the preparation of microparticles for the delivery of a herbal drug has been showed.
New spray congealing atomizer for the microencapsulation of highly concentrated solid and liquid substances.
Microparticle size control and glimepiride microencapsulation using spray congealing technology.
HyperBaric Systems (OTCBB:HYRB), a California-based biomedical company, announced today that is has successfully stored platelets, the congealing component of blood, for seven days at refrigerated temperatures.