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Synonyms for congeal

Synonyms for congeal

to make or become physically hard

to change or be changed from a liquid into a soft, semisolid, or solid mass

Synonyms for congeal

become gelatinous


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10) on the number of corpora lutea or on mean total structures, unfertilized structures, degenerate embryos and congealable embryos.
Mean total structures influenced the mean number of congealable embryos.
The addition of linseed or canola seeds to the diets of Nellore cows did not alter the superovulatory response or the production of total structures, unfertilized structures and congealable embryos.
Means and percentage of total structures and means of unfertilized structures, degenerated embryos and congealable embryos of Nellore cows fed on linseed or canola seeds.