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  • verb

Synonyms for congeal

Synonyms for congeal

to make or become physically hard

to change or be changed from a liquid into a soft, semisolid, or solid mass

Synonyms for congeal

become gelatinous


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Going forward, Q3 performance should be driven on whether or not the current trends congeal into an actual 'global recovery.
SECRET WEAPON: Surfaces sprayed with WD-40 cause cocaine to congeal
The oil-based colourless fluid apparently makes a line of white powder congeal and semi-dissolve, meaning it is impossible to snort.
But their perfect vacancy slips past the fresh-faced virility peddled by The North Face to congeal in motionless enigma.
Astrophysicist Thomas Quinn, from the University of Washington, said the disk of matter which spins round a young star begins to break up and congeal into planets more quickly than earlier thought.
Martin's talent is for riffing, not pontificating, and with ``Picasso'' he's come up with an amusing, pun-happy pastiche of ideas and comic styles that doesn't fully congeal into a unified, original comic perspective.
He literalized the idea of a painting as a container by filling small cardboard boxes with paint, which he let congeal, evaporate, and then dry in basically monochromatic fields.
In early stages of autoschizis, a crater develops in the cytoplasm as parts of the cell, including the nucleus, congeal and escape the cell membrane.
Hints of clannish group bonding, moments of personal isolation on which we voyeuristically intrude, and episodes of intense athletic endeavor congeal into a somewhat wistful genre video.
A dose lasting just a few seconds can cause targeted cells to die or can denature the proteins in blood so they congeal into a clot like the white of an egg does as it's fried.
When her glittering career goes pear-shaped and her East End connections congeal into a sticky mess, Odette's only hope is that somewhere between the prawn cocktail and the After Eights - deep among the love trysts and twists of this modern love story - there's a Jonathan to her Jennifer.
The NIST F-1 fountain clock that went into service last month uses lasers to congeal cesium atoms into a cold ball.
Too little sulfur, and the fluid might congeal too rapidly to generate a magnetic field lasting for even a few hundred million years.
Their cooperative efforts with Everen Securities will congeal our strategies to maintain ready access to the financial reserves necessary for supporting our aggressive growth and development program.
They view stereotyping as a breeding ground for errant generalizations about others that easily congeal into racism, sexism, and other forms of bigotry.