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Synonyms for congeal

Synonyms for congeal

to make or become physically hard

to change or be changed from a liquid into a soft, semisolid, or solid mass

Synonyms for congeal

become gelatinous


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He told BBC Bristol: 'It congeals into a mess, it then semi-dissolves it and prevents it being sniffed.
The Class A drug congeals to a sticky mess and can't be snorted.
They view stereotyping as a breeding ground for errant generalizations about others that easily congeal into racism, sexism, and other forms of bigotry.
Their cooperative efforts with Everen Securities will congeal our strategies to maintain ready access to the financial reserves necessary for supporting our aggressive growth and development program.
At first, a patchwork of "nucleation islands" peppers the gold surface as molecular crystals congeal from a gas into a solid.
Originally predicted many decades ago by Albert Einstein and Satyendra Nath Bose, such a condensate arises when a clump of atoms gets so cold and dense that all its constituent atoms congeal into a single quantum state.
As they crystallize, these molecules congeal to form layered rosettes containing 10 to 12 pairs, he says.
Unfortunately, the script's volatile cocktail of genres - dystopian social satire, humane drama, doomed romance - congeals before the film has concluded its laboured second hour.
Filipovic's polemical group show, which borrows its title, "The Other Tradition," from Gene Swenson's 1966 curatorial gambit at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, congeals an artmaking attitude that privileges live events and "constructed situations" over objects.
Graffiti hotspots, including Myton Road, Leamington town centre and Hatton Park, have also been daubed with special anti-vandal paint that congeals and disperses spray paint.
We might be tempted also to see cooking itself as a metaphor for the metamorphosis of matter, of the threat to matter of matter, the making of distinction, as the liquid albumen of the eggs floats in water, fuses with it, separates itself and congeals.
Every bedroom is empty Every perfume vanished Every presence absent A curtain screens the dawn Painted palm silent birds From the cold night inside The darkened hotel flies away Toward some oneiric Far West Where the horse mounts the Indian Where the reddish salt of the cliffs Congeals into a statue as did Lot's wife in Sodom The transparent sun traces On the skin on the dried salt Crystals unlikely jewels To offer to her On the bituminous banks, Who sings of sleep, the fortunate season.
An unsurpassed incident command system that cuts across federal and local boundaries and instantly congeals firefighters into one cooperating, potent force.
Blocked drains rise by a quarter over the festive period when 1000 tons of leftover fat is poured down sinks, where it congeals.
REVOLUTIONARY ROAD BBc4 9Pm Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet (above) wail at each other after courtship congeals into suburban marriage.