conga line

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a line of people in single file performing the conga dance

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There was a conga line of industry officials, all of whom had given large donations to the Bush campaign, standing there ready to shake the president's hand.
Kaela Santosh then created what was probably the island's biggest 'Mexican Wave' followed by a long conga line snaking round the stage.
They then sit down and form a conga line for a few seconds before ending the routine to cheers from onlookers.
Puffy was leading a conga line around the club -- something so goofy but everyone was so happy.
There is a conga line of companies lining up for the new "benefit corporation" status in California.
The evening will be an opportunity for Downtown Metro's agents to commingle, celebrate, and conga line it over to the B2B Soft booth for an in-depth look at the platform and its latest Qpay and TIO bill payment integrations.
However, this year we wouldn't have been that surprised if her speech had consisted of her giving the thumbs up to the camera and then getting Prince Philip to join her in a conga line.
A conga line of storms coming in off the Pacific Ocean will drench the Northwest over the next five days, with copious amounts of rain expected to boost flood threats in the Coast Range and maybe the western slopes of the Cascades.
I was parked behind the junkyard, so by the time I taxied I had to wait in the conga line.
Cagney would surely have also struggled to get his feet around Miguel Del Aguila's A Conga Line in Hell, whose title speaks for itself.
They broke into cheers and some formed a conga line, winding through the packed area.
While most people's teeth are in a nice, semi-circle horseshoe shape, mine are more like a drunken conga line, pushing and shoving each other and sloping off for a quick smoke on the sly.
My friends started a conga line, so I hopped in and joined them.
They choreographed a line dance with bubble wrap, a beach ball volleyball court and a conga line around the room.
A conga line is more like a moving party than a dance.