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music composed for dancing the conga

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a Latin American dance of 3 steps and a kick by people in single file

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Conga developed its suite of enterprise-grade intelligent document automation solutions to help businesses optimise their CRM investments.
En el caso de Conga, que constituye un conflicto emblematico, varias de estas viabilidades estan en discusion.
The project's environmental impact study (Estudio de Impact Ambiental, EIA) has been seriously questioned, including by the former team from the Ministerio del Ambiente (MINAM), which said in a report that the Conga project "will significantly and irreversibly transform the basin headwaters, destroying various ecosystems, and fragment the rest in such a way that environmental processes, functions, interactions, and services will be irreversibly affected.
Ready for the conga to help Comic Relief are (left to right) Amy Hall, Elaine Holden, Dave Maidment, Laura Murray, Kerry Brown, Hazel Hall, James Curtis, Sara Humphries and Mick Brooks.
In the CodaChain game, the main player must rebel against music-hating Silencers and bring back music to the city by picking up civilians dotted around the game's levels to join your conga line.
6 -- 7 -- color) Children participate in conga drumming, top, as another group dances with a teacher, above.
He died in hospital shortly after leading colleagues at a health insurance company in Iserlohn, Germany, on the conga.
Miami-Dade employees and the general public were invited to donate old digital phones while participating in the conga line.
Firstly, her family, secondly bingo, and thirdly, the conga.
Last but not least, the Wall Street Journal notes the growing popularity of conga lines, "energy dances" and impromptu in-office "parades" as a strategy to re-energize despondent or demoralized employees.
Its resemblance to Do The Conga, the 1984 hit by Black Lace, has already been noted by Mirror columnist and GMTV presenter Fiona Phillips.
It's like a conga line," says Tollini--who hopes the birds quit before spring.
A section called A Potpourri of Florida Facts includes the location of the world's smallest police station, the revelation that circa 1900 Jacksonville was the place to be for the film colony, and in formation about the world's longest conga line.
Just in time for the party season, Concord Picante has released a collection of Poncho Sanchez's most festive and fun music in a special 2-CD set, aptly named the Ultimate Latin Dance Party, This disk is sure to get any party going, with Poncho's high-energy hip swinging conga classics.