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Isabella's interpolation of the word sister in this context ("My sisterly remorse confutes mine honor") refers not only to her duties as Claudio's sister but also to her duties as a novice.
In this paper the core of my argument does not depend on resolving this complex issue; the discovery of patterns in the text we have neither confutes nor disproves Burger's and Gartner's theory, since an epitomiser could well preserve the evidence of neat and careful planning in the text.
I would argue that, although Eve receives less character development than does Alicia, Eva Marie Saint's own bravura performance in North by Northwest confutes any one-dimensional indictment of Eve as a "treacherous little tramp.
By way of comment, on my view it is important to avoid misunderstandings about any alleged immediate identity of concept and sensory content: consider that in the neglected phenomenological chapter on reason, Hegel confutes the position that reason tries to possess itself directly in natural sensible things, showing how reason is in truth only the universality of things, their essentiality.
The precision of this qualitative information sloughs away many long-lived misconceptions, and confutes the theorems upon which the quantitative statistical models are based.
The experience of the larva, already acting in that brief loss of memory which is the oblivion of the proper name, confutes Sartre's phenomenology on this essential matter.
But, O fool, the prophets have not permitted you to say that the Messiah has not yet come, for Daniel confutes you, saying, "After sixty-two weeks the Messiah will come and be killed.
The story of Alice Barnham, meanwhile, confutes any easy assumption that women were as subjugated in practice as official culture longed to suppose and some well-meaning feminist criticism has led us to believe.
That kind of confutes a lot of things we think are supposed to connect between modernization and fertility change.
What was perhaps new in Baudelaire--and it is a novelty that confutes Rimbaud's stricture-was that the artistic strictures did not merely contain the intensity of his subject-matter but augmented it.
He confutes the often asserted opinion that women belonged in considerable numbers to sixteenth-century literary academies.
The claim by supporters of psychoanalysis that the employment of the term "phallus" confutes charges of sexism has yet to be convincingly argued.