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the speech act of refuting conclusively

evidence that refutes conclusively

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See also Robert Crowley's Confutation that accuses priests of performing "a private Masse in masking cotes dashed full of turns & halfe turns .
With his skepticism about "historical-political immanence" and his confutation of utilitarianism, Manzoni adds a valuable piece to the puzzle of modern Italian character and identity.
The style is noticeably that of a medieval "quaestio disputata", namely the review and confutation of opinions on a particular point, with the intent of formulating an acceptable, adequate, and compelling theological axiom.
Rampion says what he thinks and means what he says as a deliberate confutation of British restraint, which he considers a tourniquet against the flow of honest feelings.
14) More would seem to have been well acquainted with The Consolation long before he wrote A Dialogue; nevertheless, see The Confutation of Tyndale's Answer in CW 8:939.
Added to this strange confusion and confutation of the known and normal was the apparent disorganisation of Indigenous Australian society--its lack of centralised authority and common language.
Even based on the aforementioned simple (but not simplistic) confutation of MDTMC, it safe to state that when memeticists say, "we are non-free, non-rational agents" that they are not making a scientific and empirical claim emerging from naturalistic methods.
And, thus, Peacham's description of the prominent use of chiasmus as confutation and opposition, with his prime example, "Neither was the man created for the woman's sake, but the woman for the man's sake" (1 Cor.
First, were his confutation of Hoffman's thesis compelling, he would still have to show that there are no other ways in which a nonphysical process may occur in a physical entity.
It is, however, of great service to point them out; for the doctrine of idols bears the same relation to the interpretation of nature as that of the confutation of sophisms does to common logic.
Thomas Harding, A Confutation of a Booke Intitled an Apologie of the Church of England (Antwerp, 1565), sig.
Cuthbert Cunny-catcher, The Defence of Conny catching or A Confutation of those two incurious Pamphlets published by R.
41, 71, 35, 175-76, 188, 338; Thomas Granger, Blinde-Mans Sermon: Or Confutation of the blinde Pharises (London, 1616), sigs.
He is stunned by the confutation of his conservative religious standards--an occasion where he is completely subdued by the first shocking evidence of the result of his rigid religious matrix; Kambili's handling of the pieces of the painting symbolizes the collapse of her father's system.
The title page of the treatise boasts that the reader "will see that no similar work has ever fallen into your hands, in which you have a full confutation of all of Lutheranism.