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the speech act of refuting conclusively

evidence that refutes conclusively

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Answering a question he said that presently two political parties were engaged in politics of confutation and clash on this seat.
This is no easy task, since attitudes are much more difficult to change than beliefs, which are more readily amenable to empirical corroboration and confutation.
On Bayfield's career and abjuration, see More's Confutation, in The Collected Works of Thomas More, 8/1: 17-18, as well as useful notes in 8/3: 1247-1248.
40) Robert Crowley's Confutation of' the misshapen Aunswer (1548)--which notes in passing that Christ's body cannot be in two places at once--is wittily abusive of its opponent (changing his name from Hoggard to "hogherde") and even suggesting that the ordinance of the Mass instructs the priest (if need be) to urinate in the chalice to provide the water to mix with the wine.
Chapter XIV (45-57) is devoted to a detailed confutation of Malynes's theses, taken one by one from his Lex Mercatoria and The Maintenance of Free Trade (46-7).
Here Monsarrat elaborates on Ford's reference to those who 'copy out whole pamphlets' of misogynistic tracts by citing several popular 'pamphlets against women' published in the time of Ford's work, for example Thomas Nashe's Anatomie of Absurditie: Contayning a breefe confutation of the slender imputed prayses to feminine perfection (1589) and Pleasant Quippes for upstart new-fangled gentlewomen (1595); and also naming contemporaneous 'books praising and defending women' such as Elyot's The Defence of Good Women (1645), Breton's Jane Anger, her Protection for Women (1589) and Gibson's A Womans Woorth, defended against all the men in the world (1599) (137).
For a response, see Martin Aray, The Discoverie and Confutation of a Tragical Fiction deuvsed and played by Edward Squyer .
1981, "A Confutation of Convergent Realism", Philosophy of Science, vol.
Another fundamental requirement of the idealizational method is the so-called dialectical correspondence, in turn followed by dialectical confutation.
if he [the merchant] be unfortunate it satisfies the world of his just dealing, and is the fairest and best Apologie of his Innocence and honesty to the World, and Contributes exceedingly to the satisfaction of all his friends and well-wishers, and to the Confutation and silencing of all his malevolent and detracting Enemies, and often proves the great cause to bring him to a most favourable Composition with his Creditors: whereas these that are ignorant of it, in such a Condition are censured by all, when they have nothing to show but bare words to vindicate themselves .
23] Although expressed within the constraints of intellectual discourse, Bergson's relentless confutation of Kant and Kantianism--in particular of Charles Bernard Renouvier's "neo-criticism"--is the leitmotif of his thought: "Kant est son adversaire de toujours; de l'Essai sur les donnees immediates de la conscience aux Deux sources de la morale et de la religion, Bergson est reste fidele a lui-meme dans cette animadversation", Preface by Vladimir Jankelevitch, in Barthelemy-Madaule (1966, 1); "Henri Bergson ne s'est pas montre moins severe pour les successeurs immediats de Kant, qu'il ne l'a ete pour Kant lui-meme" (Canguilhem 1968, 348).
Richard Phillips," writes Carnall, "believed he had confuted Newton's theory of gravitation, and repeated the confutation, whether in the Monthly Magazine over the signature of 'Common Sense,' or in the school textbooks of which he was a prolific publisher.
Ethiopian Airlines rebuke Lebanese report NNA - Minister of Public Works and Transportation Ghazi Aridi blamed the pilot and crew of the Ethiopian airliner which crashed last year off Khaldeh shore near Beirut airport for the incident which claimed scores of lives, whilst the final Lebanese report on the crash drew the Ethiopian side's downright confutation.
In recent decades, Hagg 20042 and O'Sullivan 1995, 100-39, have offered an interesting confutation of this hypothesis, while Bianchi 2009 has raised the possibility that a longer and more elaborated version of the Ephesiaca than is current today may have existed as late as the Comnenian period.
Sometimes, merely repeating Milton's argument "is enough to confute it and make it lighter then vaintie it self" (434); other times, Milton's argument seems such "a new principle unheard of till now" that the anonymous opponent concludes only "so I leave it" (446) without confutation.