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Sindrome confusional agudo en pacientes ancianos ingresados por patologia medica.
Somnambulism, night terror, confusional arousals, sleep enuresis, RBD and nightmares are some of the parasomnias that can be mistaken for seizures.
inflammatory mediated injury, in which increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier, formation of immune complexes, and production of IFN-[alpha] and other inflammatory mediators leads to diffuse NP manifestations, such as psychosis and acute confusional states.
Triggers for Confusional Arousals include anything that either fragments sleep or else enhances slow wave sleep.
Acute confusional migraines were recurrent in more than a third of patients.
The first on the list, delirium, is an acute confusional state that can be caused by numerous factors.
Faecal impaction may also cause an acute confusional state and abdominal pain [13].
Use with caution in patients with psychotic disorders, schizophrenia or confusional state as it may exacerbate condition(s).
Orthopaedic surgeries and lower limb surgeries are usually associated with perioperative pain, which is a potent trigger for the stress response and autonomic system and is thought to be an indirect cause of various adverse effects like myocardial ischaemia, infarction, thromboembolic phenomena, impaired pulmonary function, ileus, fatigue, muscle catabolism, postoperative infection, and postoperative confusional states.
Epileptic encephalopathies, coma with epileptiform EEG patterns without any evolution (periodic lateralized epileptiform discharges and generalized periodic epileptiform discharges with monotonous appearance), behavioral disturbances in epileptic individuals (for example psychosis) and epileptiform EEG patterns in relation with acute confusional episodes are among these borderland pictures.
2) In all short-term clinical trials, the only common adverse reactions (incidence >5% and at least twice the rate of placebo) were peripheral edema (7% vs 2% placebo) and confusional state (6% vs 3% placebo).
falciparum is not uncommon and it encompasses cerebral malaria, myelitis and post malarial neurological syndrome characterized by an acute confusional state, acute psychosis, inappropriate speech, visual hallucination, convulsion, tremor, and hypotonia.
13 This was the case in one of our patients: a 12-year-old child, with history of two generalised seizures in the preceding 6 months, but without any treatment, presented with 8 days' history of recurrent seizures and confusional state and inattentiveness during the interictal period.