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Synonyms for confused

Synonyms for confused

Synonyms for confused

perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements

having lost your bearings

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thrown into a state of disarray or confusion

mentally confused

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The next time your inner-gardener stands staring confusedly at the wall of herbicides in the local hardware store, recall these benefits of weeds.
In my experience, brothers don't often talk bluntly about love, even if you do love each other inarticulately and thoroughly and confusedly, because it's awkward to talk about love that's not romantic.
At a later press conference Morales said that Bolivia is "not part of the culture of legalizing cocaine or other drugs" but, shoung a coca leaf to reporters said "this is the coca leaf, green, but unfortunately the UN convention makes it believe that this is the same as the white stuff, that this is cocaine, and confusedly the UN decided to eradicate the cultivation of coca leaf in 25 years.
He pushed his way into the hall when she opened the door and, after looking around confusedly, left without stealing anything or threatening the householder.
Next, and not far behind them, are the phalanx of Glaswegian pipe fitters who have been poured off the train an hour late, having confusedly staggered off at Alnmouth to look for more drink.
The lone live element is a lofted studio audience, who chortle on command as she confusedly acts out the director's instructions.
I crawl confusedly into clothes, unquestioning--after all, he's nearly five years older and knows just about everything--and we climb the nearby hill in thick cold mist.
so that he can only] order things confusedly and unwisely, according as they come to hand.
Because the terms related to roadways are confusedly described in many places, we first define some terms as shown in Fig.
I would be that Chancellor of the Exchequer blinking confusedly into the lights outside Eleven Downing Street and getting Martin Lewis on my speed dial, so I may not be up to the maths involved.
These kings feel confusedly that there came up among the people a new power that can overturn thrones and break scepters they try to fall to terms with it, and make it friend.
who was not the one Mae imagined at all, stared confusedly out through
Reacting in reflexive terror, fighting the only way she knew how, she struck out savagely with her lethal legs, confusedly striking the distracting pair to her left, while the lead cheetah bit her calf to her right.
After countless errors were detected in the report, the report itself has become more of a wimp, since many stated 'funds' were confusedly intermingled, with those disbursed to employees of various institutions as salaries, aid to widows of journalists, and amount disbursed for medias related activities on important days, and functions.
Rather than a unified tradition, she beholds a "vast wreck of ambitious ideals, sensuous and spiritual, mixed confusedly with the signs of breathing forgetfulness and degradation" a vision that will remain with her through the rest of her life (193).