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Synonyms for confused

Synonyms for confused

Synonyms for confused

perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements

having lost your bearings

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thrown into a state of disarray or confusion

mentally confused

References in classic literature ?
Until the moment when I placed my mouth in his World, he had neither seen me, nor heard anything except confused sounds beating against -- what I called his side, but what he called his INSIDE or STOMACH; nor had he even now the least conception of the region from which I had come.
Presently, he straightened himself a little, approached me with a sort of confused expression, and haltingly said something--probably it was an apology for not having before perceived that I was now a grown-up young person.
The strangest and most confused of thoughts kept entering my brain.
Although, at this distance of time, I cannot remember a word of what we said to one another, I remember that I blushed, grew confused, felt vexed with myself, and awaited with impatience the end of the conversation although I myself had been longing for the meeting to take place, and had spent the day in dreaming of it, and devising a string of suitable questions and replies.
The old man always expressed himself in a very roundabout sort of fashion, and on the present occasion he was doubly, terribly confused.
Her recollection of the answer was confused, her only distinct impression in relation to it being that the Count declared he was then taking her to see Miss Halcombe.
He was perfectly civil, but he startled and confused her by some odd questions about herself, and by looking at her, while he asked them, in a strange manner.
From this point her recollections were found to be confused, fragmentary, and difficult to reconcile with any reasonable probability.
Really, now you ask me,' said Alice, very much confused,`I don't think-'
In a word, the bugles, the horns, the clarions, the trumpets, the drums, the cannon, the musketry, and above all the tremendous noise of the carts, all made up together a din so confused and terrific that Don Quixote had need to summon up all his courage to brave it; but Sancho's gave way, and he fell fainting on the skirt of the duchess's robe, who let him lie there and promptly bade them throw water in his face.
Accordingly, whereas we not infrequently have ideas or notions in which some falsity is contained, this can only be the case with such as are to some extent confused and obscure, and in this proceed from nothing (participate of negation), that is, exist in us thus confused because we are not wholly perfect.
Charmingly written by Devin Scillian and playfully illustrated by Marty Kelley, "Missile Toe: A Very Confused Christmas" is an unforgettable collection of silly poems, classic Christmas carols, and traditions re-imagined through the eyes of a very confused kid.
Confused Woman: Tales & Advice on Love, Dating & Relationships is a cozy collection of practical relationship lessons learned the hard way.
More than a few people found themselves confused by Apple Music's layout, trying to get the video to load from Connect, an area of the service meant to be filled with social media-style updates from specific artists, rather than a place to consume video content.
Viral games specialist Koko Digital has created a new game for car insurance comparison site Confused.