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Synonyms for confused

Synonyms for confused

Synonyms for confused

perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements

having lost your bearings

Related Words

thrown into a state of disarray or confusion

mentally confused

References in classic literature ?
Really, now you ask me,' said Alice, very much confused,`I don't think-'
In a word, the bugles, the horns, the clarions, the trumpets, the drums, the cannon, the musketry, and above all the tremendous noise of the carts, all made up together a din so confused and terrific that Don Quixote had need to summon up all his courage to brave it; but Sancho's gave way, and he fell fainting on the skirt of the duchess's robe, who let him lie there and promptly bade them throw water in his face.
Losing patience at what appeared to me intolerable rudeness, I brought my mouth into a position full in front of her mouth so as to intercept her motion, and loudly repeated my question, "Woman, what signifies this concourse, and this strange and confused chirping, and this monotonous motion to and fro in one and the same Straight Line?
Hence a very small animal organism cannot be beautiful; for the view of it is confused, the object being seen in an almost imperceptible moment of time.
Indeed, her brain was only the seat of vague ideas, and confused forms, mingled with strange fancies, alone presented themselves before her eyes.
Always he grew confused, and turned red in the face; never did he know what to do with his hands or with himself.
Miss Monson, my heart--my faculties--my ideas--" Tom was getting bothered, and he made a desperate effort to extricate himself-- "In short, my JUDGMENT is so confused and monopolized, that I have no powers left to think or speak of plays.
It's most important not to get two such animals confused together.
He was more obviously struck and confused by the sight of her than she had ever observed before; he looked quite red.
He himself knew that, in reality, the confused beliefs which she held, apparently imbibed in childhood, were, if anything, Tractarian as to phraseology, and Pantheistic as to essence.
What more natural than that amid so many roguish ayes and laughing lips he should become confused and, forgetting for the moment which particular pair of roguish ayes and laughing lips it is that he belongs to, go off making love to the wrong set.
The vapors rolled over each other, and mingled together in confused masses of superb brilliance, as they reflected the rays of the sun.
The affair seemed to grow more complicated, and the Colonel, with his expletives and his indignation, confused rather than informed me.
Tongs, pincers, large ploughshares, filled the interior of the furnace, and glowed in a confused heap on the coals.
But scarcely had his joyous servants dressed their master, whom they saw with pleasure preparing for a journey which might dissipate his melancholy; scarcely had the comte's gentlest horse been saddled and brought to the door, when the father of Raoul felt his head become confused, his legs give way, and he clearly perceived the impossibility of going one step further.