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so similar as to be easily identified for another thing


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The third task--"Match It"--is a spatial-match task that consists of participants matching short confusable words (e.
3]), yocto got its "y" to prevent its abbreviation from being "o," and thus confusable with the number zero.
Alternative approaches, such as testing subsets of confusable consonants over more limited SNR ranges [30], are less time-consuming.
The current recommendation of the General Committee, following the opinion of the Committee for Spermatophyta, is that Weberbauerella (Fabaceae) and Weberbaueriella (Asteraceae) are treated as confusable names (Barrie, 2006).
This adds confusable Syriac letters to the mix, especially when not written with appropriate dots.
One strategy that increases signal differentiation is to provide redundancy in the input to help people distinguish among confusable signals and reduce perceptive errors.