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Synonyms for confront



Synonyms for confront

to meet face-to-face, especially defiantly

to come up against

Synonyms for confront

oppose, as in hostility or a competition

deal with (something unpleasant) head on

present somebody with something, usually to accuse or criticize


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be face to face with

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The Confrontative subscale measures unhealthy efforts to alter the situation typically with expressions of hostility and risk taking.
Over the next few years Kane's often confrontative and combative rescue strategies (both verbally and physically abusive) were occasionally and unfortunately coupled with financial transactions that raised the suspicions of the judges who granted guardianships.
Adaptive coping (problem-solving, seeking support, positive reappraisal) and maladaptive coping (escape-avoidance, self-blame, confrontative coping) regarding SARS were measured with the relevant subscales of the Ways of Coping Questionnaire (27), for which the stressful event was defined as the SARS outbreak.
In this second case, an oppositional or confrontative client may engage in behaviors that engender or maintain conflict to obtain basic social reinforcers such as attention.
70) This agitation reached its peak in the early 1940s, no doubt prompted by the confrontative militance of that quintessential New York politician, Adam Clayton Powell and the political agitation of other immigrant politicos and radicals adjoining his district.
Moreover, to the extent that care ethicists tend to confuse their own perceptions of the situation with those in their circle of care, the confrontative processes of restorative justice may allow women to be challenged about their perceptions of the situation.
1051) define whistleblowing as 'the public exposure of organisational wrongdoing', but also acknowledged its inherent antagonistic nature when he positioned it as 'part of a spectrum of increasingly confrontative actions against miscreant organisations by their employees' (Wilmot 2000, p.
In our dialoguing with young adults, we have the same opportunity that Jesus had to give the gifts of time and space and confrontative listening, as we desire to understand their questions and concerns.
1981 'The German model of co-determination: Programmatic perspectives, confrontative issues and prospective developments' in Management under differing value systems.
At one point the crowd was meant to split into three areas: a non-arrestable, safe green zone, (in which ironically the police later trapped and gassed 700 people, as well as `kidnapping' a well known Canadian activist), a confrontative yellow zone, and a red zone where you should expect arrest.
WARNING Confrontational (Intended by provider to be Confrontative, verbal distancing; clearly heard, seen, or felt by warning that break in relationship is recipient) imminent unles recipient changes behavior.
Without that kind of fluidity in Japan, confrontative managers only create an uncomfortable work environment for their subordinates, who may have to take one side or another.
Subconsciously, he had also placed his right foot slightly rearward of his left in a typical police confrontative position.
The best advice is to avoid most confrontative issues, and mandated service-learning will, more than likely, become such an issue.