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Synonyms for confront



Synonyms for confront

to meet face-to-face, especially defiantly

to come up against

Synonyms for confront

oppose, as in hostility or a competition

deal with (something unpleasant) head on

present somebody with something, usually to accuse or criticize


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be face to face with

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At one point the crowd was meant to split into three areas: a non-arrestable, safe green zone, (in which ironically the police later trapped and gassed 700 people, as well as `kidnapping' a well known Canadian activist), a confrontative yellow zone, and a red zone where you should expect arrest.
They become rather close business friends and frequently find confrontative issues distasteful, or at best they deal with them in a very subtle and political fashion.
stealing, lying, and truancy) and overt, confrontative behaviors (i.
Is it progress when the Catholic Theological Society of America abandons its 1996 role as confrontative agent of change in a church being destroyed by absolutist power-brokers and opts for foundational debates that take the pressure off the essential justice issues of gender equality and gay liberation?
Paul is a very controversial figure, sometimes warm and loving, sometimes abrasive and confrontative.
Thus, in contrast to hostage events, the police should handle nonhostage incidents using a low-profile containment scheme that is less confrontative and demonstrates peaceful intentions.
The defiance toward custodians when they're reminded they're trespassing - the responses are very confrontative,'' Brown said.
When he returns, Minke finds that his indirect, respectful challenge of unjust colonial laws has been replaced by the confrontative, antagonistic methods of his younger followers.
Terminating someone's employment is a confrontative act, but does not need to be vindictive.