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that confounds or contradicts or confuses

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Residual confounding can exist in an observational study due to known confounders, which were not measured, or unknown confounders, which are not apparent to even the most astute of reviewers.
The relationship between breast-feeding and subsequent child health outcomes may also be subject to time-dependent confounding, when risk factors for the outcome both predict and are changed by breast-feeding.
Possibility#3: There is a third variable -- a confounding variable -- which causes the increase in BOTH ice cream sales AND murder rates.
The other used a fixed-effects approach to control for all potential confounding factors that are shared among siblings, such as a proportion of genetic factors and parenting practices.
He is confounding his critics, helping us to promotion last season and his return of five goals is fantastic, like Bowyer of old.
Such rhizomatic radicality is not about uprooting our traditions but about exposing them to our confounding togetherness--as species, peoples, genders, sexualities, races, religions, even--Lord help us--our Christianities.
But many previous studies have not controlled for confounding risk factors, he said.
Despite the authors' best efforts to anticipate and measure possible confounding variables, teachers who differ in terms of the quality and frequency with which they implement various program practices use particular program materials and the like, may differ in important ways that have not been measured, giving rise to possible hidden bias.
To minimize any confounding cues, such as shading or light, the researchers then set the possible attractants in chambers connected to the plant by curving pipes.
Confounding many people, the gist of Jewish fundamentalism is incompatible with and acts to undermine the very bases of democratic societies and practices.
The researchers acknowledge that the relatively high level of health consciousness found among women in the cohort who drank two or more cups a day may help explain the findings, but they add that the robustness of the associations in age-adjusted analyses argues against such confounding.
These variables are difficult to measure (Kaufman 2001), and undercontrol of confounding is likely.
For the first time in 11 games, the Kings did not allow a power-play goal, breaking a lengthy and confounding streak that saw them go from a solid penalty-killing team to one of the league's worst.
The flow of money from foreigners living abroad back home to relatives in Mexico continues to grow, confounding the government and analysts alike.