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in a perplexed manner


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It was when the weather quieted down that the situation became confoundedly delicate.
He has the good-nature of success and none of the morgue; he has not our confoundedly irritable French vanity.
Why, then I'll tell you, sir," returns the trooper, stopping short and folding his arms on his square chest so angrily that his face fires and flushes all over; "he is a confoundedly bad kind of man.
Well, I don't care if you do try it, for I am confoundedly tired.
And, in returning home to what was familiar, Guccini looked confoundedly to his country, which in the 1980s was hit by the so-called riflusso, (15) when political interests and ideals of changing the world had just about disappeared.
Indeed, Hamdi is, on the point in question, arguably one of the most profoundly wrong, confoundedly incoherent decisions ever rendered by the Court in the area of war powers, exceeded in its wrongness, perhaps, only by the decisions that followed a few years later in Hamdan and Boumediene.
In recent years the competition has been held near Beddgelert, where the stones are flat, but this year it was at Egryn, near Barmouth, Gwynedd where the stones were confoundedly round.
Lee, on the way up, agreed that the General, who is the only permanent resident here, has the air of being confoundedly bored in his tomb.
That same year the author complained to William Blackwood that "it is confoundedly hard that I should be made a tennis ball between contending parties" (Hogg, "MS").
Marlow suggests "changing our travelling dresses in the morning" because he has "grown confoundedly ashamed of mine" The dialogue goes on, each speech interrupted by Hardcastle's storytelling (omitted below), which the younger characters rudely ignore.
And thinks I to myself all the while, mind, while I was stubbing my silly toes against that cursed pyramid--so confoundedly contradictory was it all, all the while, I say, I was thinking to myself, 'what's his leg now, but a cane--a whalebone cane.
Their "romantic friendship" (for lack of a better word) propels the drama as it careens to the brink of the physical, but hovers there confoundedly, leaving this tale to yawn out to a hetero forgone conclusion.
1-1 was published in Punch in 1841, and was captioned "Mosaic ornaments": these two words complete a text in which an "imitative-gold mart" and "Ben D'Israeli's speeches" are declared to be "so confoundedly full of fantastic [Mosaic ornaments].
Indeed, Ricardo is not exaggerating when he says of the alligator hunter, "He's so confoundedly devoted to me that if I were to give him the sack he would fly at my throat" (Victory 96).