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Synonyms for confoundedly

in a perplexed manner


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I have to do with no one but the States, by whom I am paid; let me see an order from them to leave the place to you, and I shall only be too glad to wheel off in an instant, as I am confoundedly bored here.
Well, I don't care if you do try it, for I am confoundedly tired.
Funny how it affects you to be in a peculiar state of mind: everybody that does not act up to your excitement seems so confoundedly unfriendly.
I felt how big, how confoundedly big, was that thing that couldn't talk, and perhaps was deaf as well.
I should have made a very handsome apology, but you provoked me so confoundedly with your -.
The squire now regained the liberty of his hands, and so much temper as to express some satisfaction in the restraint which had been laid upon him; declaring that he should certainly have beat his brains out; and adding, "It would have vexed one confoundedly to have been hanged for such a rascal.
But you've been confoundedly unsympathetic about this thing, Bunny, and I don't think I shall tell you my scheme till I've carried it out.
There's nothing like putting the nervous players in first; it's the sitting with their pads on that upsets their applecart; that was another of my reasons for being so confoundedly close.
She was taking it confoundedly hard, he thought to himself.
It was when the weather quieted down that the situation became confoundedly delicate.
This is a confoundedly out-of-the-way place,' said Mortimer, slipping over the stones and refuse on the shore, as the boy turned the corner sharp.
A tall man--a confoundedly tall man--with black whiskers.
Indeed, Hamdi is, on the point in question, arguably one of the most profoundly wrong, confoundedly incoherent decisions ever rendered by the Court in the area of war powers, exceeded in its wrongness, perhaps, only by the decisions that followed a few years later in Hamdan and Boumediene.