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Combined effect of short-term dehydration and sublethal acute oral dicrotophos exposure confounds the diagnosis of anticholinesterase exposure in common quail (Coturnix coturnix) using plasma cholinesterase activity.
Perhaps radical democracy will be best supported by theologies confident enough to confound our own certainties; and faithful enough to risk even the up close differences that hurt the most.
Subtle cues in posture can confound attempts to read emotion from a face, neuroscientists have found.
Each features a single work strategically shot to confound attempts to comprehend it spatially, creating a series of visual puzzles that beg questions about the true nature of their subjects.
Women with open adoptions had experiences that present opportunities to confound traditional cultural notions of maternity and redefine restrictive notions about the role of birth mothers.
Now I ain't talking about bilging a shipmate, confound it
Most important of all, though, is Tolkien's central theme, that God, in the words of the Apostle Paul, chooses "the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.
Just as alchemists and metallurgists confound and astound with science, Montana's Volumen confound and astound with sonics.
There are several variables that seem to routinely confound attempts to quantify the benefits of Super Slow training, not the least of which is the cantankerous Hutchins himself, who has repeatedly spoken out against the exercise physiology community, in one interview even proclaiming that "most research in exercise is faked.
In the process, they reshape our perception of the frame itself and confound our attempts to impose an order on what it is we are seeing.
In addition, the tax systems, transaction rules, and land lease regulations in favor of tenants which exist in Japan all serve to confound the foreign investor, he added.
In Derry yesterday there was a real opportunity for Republican leaders to confound their critics and make a move for peace.
It had to be young enough to still have a planet-forming disk but old enough to be past the time when radio emissions from the star's own early growth would confound signals from the disk.
The slippery temporality at work here confuses before and after, as much as the staged photographs confound both realism and fabulism and comedy and tragedy.
O'Dowd, who also plays in PTV3, is no stranger to artists who confound gender roles: The Toilet Boys are fronted by Miss Guy, the whippet-thin drag queen who DJ'd at New York City's long-running queer rock club, Squeezebox.