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Synonyms for conformist

Synonyms for conformist

conforming to established practice or standards

Synonyms for conformist

someone who conforms to established standards of conduct (especially in religious matters)

marked by convention and conformity to customs or rules or styles

adhering to established customs or doctrines (especially in religion)

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Kaufman skillfully weaves into his narration of these events their reception by Catholics, reformists, and conformists identifiable through sermons and printed texts.
In his final chapter, Prior discusses the conflicts that arose between the Church of England and the Scottish Kirk; these conflicts further illustrate the great divide between conformists and reformists.
The Conformist, I never saw a film that looked like that and yet it was the way I always a imagined a film could look.
The Dodgers owner must laugh when he hears the things people with puny, normal-size, conformist brains say about him.
So how did the elite, conformist French education system produce such a cheery iconoclast?
Written by Ben Elton and musically supervised by May and Taylor, We Will Rock You imagines a conformist world--Planet Mall--in which a rebel named Galileo Figaro (after a character in a Queen song) recaptures the world for rock and roll.
Was it because you wanted to participate in a regulated, conformist, puritanical sport run by a set of quasi-civil servants?
The two mainstays of modern art--the conformist grid, which conveys the passive "emptiness of homogeneity," and the unregulated gesture, which promotes the myth of nonconformist spontaneity--are both subliminally entropic, however formally novel they may once have seemed despite their presence among the devices of traditional art.
1) Though partly influenced by the English public schools, their ethos was less militaristic and conformist, concerned instead to promote self-sufficiency and independence of spirit and to develop a sense of personal responsibility.
Today, we have an alarmingly conformist climate in which the world is believed to exist as it is written in books by, say, Adam Smith, Milton Friedman, Conrad Black or Bill Gates.
In the same interview, he takes a surprisingly hopeful view of his native land: "America is not a conformist country as has been so often said and written.
The Conformist was at the Regent Theater in Westwood, which at the time was a Laemmle art house theater.
The band was famous for tearing away the increasingly pretentious, conformist and dogmatic layers of emergent hardcore in the late '70s and early '80s, blending slower rhythms and funk into their music.
It is associated in the popular consciousness with rugby but it's quite a profound and well-loved song in both conformist and non-conformist services and has been for decades.
If your daughter is Daisy then you're probably part hippy, part conformist.