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Synonyms for conformist

Synonyms for conformist

conforming to established practice or standards

Synonyms for conformist

someone who conforms to established standards of conduct (especially in religious matters)

marked by convention and conformity to customs or rules or styles

adhering to established customs or doctrines (especially in religion)

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A significant difference in RPREMIUM between participants that received information about the premium paid by the majority of their peers (C1: conformist transmission eco product) and participants who did not receive any information or control group (Group 0) can be observed.
Kaufmans meticulous archival research into church records, sermons, and early printed devotional works (Catholic, conformist, and reformed) provides a lively--and useful--picture of the religious "circumstance" in which Shakespeare and his dramatic contemporaries worked.
Another thing pointed out to me was that Taxi Driver, given its almost subjective perspective and the somewhat Expressionistic cinematography, in part to correspond with that subjectivity, was very much, shall we say, "indebted" or influenced by The Conformist I never heard Scorsese say anything like that, or Schrader, either, but don't forget that Scorsese was also extremely influenced by a lot of or some of the people who influenced Bertolucci.
Many saw the bishops' authority for subscription and deprivation as contrary to common law, because a clergyman's livelihood was his own property, but conformists countered that argument with the assertion that the historical ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the church was ancient and thus had primacy.
In an article in Sweden's Axess Magazine, William Strauss and Nell Howe, generational studies gurus and authors of Millennials Rising, call today's young adults "America's new conformists," observing that they "believe in security rather than radicalism, political order rather than social emancipation, collective responsibility rather than personal expression.
I think lots of gay men feel, especially in America, where there is a conformist streak in high school, that women are laughing at them," he observes.
This system seems to have imposed a sort of duty to appear "brilliant" and amusing and therefore to adopt superficial stances and conformist visual models.
In 1989's Heathers, Christian Slater and Winona Ryder seemed cool and sexy as they murdered the soulless bitches who ruled over their hideously conformist high school.
Devised with Israeli choreographer Avi Kaiser, her scenario was clear: breaking out of rigid, conformist diplomacy, eight business-suited men indulged their war-mongering impulses before reverting back to nature.
Behind this ostensible desire to create is a desire for total freedom, a need to break with a conformist past.
In a nutshell, Sulloway argues that first-born children are authoritarian and conformist, while later-born kids are more adventurous.
Formerly separated, Catholics and Protestants are busy burying the hatchet and avoiding old doctrinal differences in the pursuit of a common political vision: one nation of clean cut, conformist subjects ruled by an omniscient, punitive male deity.
The novel's scathing indictment of middle-class American values made Babbittry a synonym for adherence to a conformist, materialistic, anti-intellectual way of life.
I have to tell you that on that day I went to see two movies by directors I had no prior knowledge of--Mean Streets and The Conformist.
I'm not conformist enough and I'd drive everyone mad.