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orthodoxy in thoughts and belief

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The introduction to the article defines the concept of collaborationism and analyses its historical definitions in Europe, mainly in the context of WWII; the main body concentrates on describing the manifestations of collaborationism and conformism during the periods of military occupations (the Soviet as well as the Nazi occupation) and Soviet annexation in Estonia, referring to a reality where ways and means had to be found to carry on national culture and the nation itself in the conditions of consecutive occupations and the Soviet annexation.
However, the problem rests in the conformism that everyone wants.
In the introduction, the editors argue that 'Given that social conformism exposes societies to free-riders, explaining the evolution of humans' unusual level of cooperativeness and willingness to abide by the communal will has become perhaps the single greatest challenge for the study of human evolution' (p.
Other threats are conformism and political fear on the part of the voters, especially the ones that belong to marginalized groups and ethnic minorities.
They might raise issues of questionable uses of the Internet (addiction), shoplifting (habitual), underage drinking risks (parental trust issues, sexual vulnerability), greed (succumbing to advertising media), family conflicts (isolation or insensitivity to working parents), prejudice (ethnic, racial, sexual orientation, sexist attitudes), slander (damaging reputations), violence (verbal, ridicule degrading others), narcissism (lack of compassion for other students), and conformism (negative or destructive attitudes and behaviors in order to be accepted although they violate one's sense of healthy human relations).
Communism subzisted by public conformism and individual cowardice.
In the middle period', Cohen believes, 'Nietzsche exemplifies the free spirit's activity, in his later period, he attacks the conformism of morality so as to liberate free spirits more effectively' (18).
James Poulos persuasively makes the case that conservatism has embraced a company mentality of conformism.
Hadji-Thomas believes that "social pressures" or religious conformism are to blame for such attitudes, while noting that they fortunately do not represent the norm.
This fact is often ignored, since groupthink and conformism were thought to dominate that decade so thoroughly.
By killing its political opposition, the communist regime secured itself a future without problems, a future with a society that, although being frightened, was content with its ability to survive, notwithstanding the fact that the cost of survival was endless conformism, political opportunism, servility and complete loss of basic human rights.
This event helped me reconfirm my desire to escape rigid conformism in my life.
The restrictions on competition were buttressed by racial prejudice, sexual discrimination, and postwar conformism, which combined to limit the choices available to workers and potential workers alike.
Now, however, after the "anthropological revolution" of the 1960s, in which human bonds tying one to others and to oneself were transformed into a bond fabricated by consumption and the industries of information and diversion, marginality has become conformism and exclusion, which creates a fertile soil for depression.