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  • verb

Synonyms for conform

fit in




Synonyms for conform

to be compatible or in correspondence

to be in keeping with

to make or become suitable to a particular situation or use

to make conventional

Synonyms for conform

be similar, be in line with

Related Words

adapt or conform oneself to new or different conditions

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2] stretching of the trans conformer of the ethylene glycol fragment and used as a measure of trans population.
So far, this model--we recall--only describes stress relaxation of a uniform set of greatly idealized "gauche" and "trans" conformers (or of a set of unspecified primitive relaxors within a real material), assuming that no other types and sizes of relaxors contribute to the behavior.
Conformer Expansion Products is a leading innovator of envelopes, mailers, presentation folders and portfolios.
2-3 conformers, since the apparent activation energy for this relaxation is a few times greater than the Vogel-Fulcher intramolecular cooperation activation energy (~ 17 J/mol).
The USPS has certified the Conformer solution for processing at the automated flat rate.
2] exists in two types of molecules, which are two conformers ([delta]- and [lambda]-conformer), separated by a low energy transition barrier.
Based on crystallographic data, it is predicted that the inactive conformer of hTS is stabilized by phosphate anions; this prediction is supported by studies of phosphate-dependent effects on enzyme fluorescence.
In addition, EON now uses technology from our conformer generator OMEGA to search reasonable alternate terminal torsions for better electrostatic matches, while retaining the overall shape similarity with the query.
Le conseil est appele a se conformer et se mettre au niveau des missions qui lui sont assignees, notamment en matiere de juridiction et de consultation.
Le document recommande notamment d'adopter un systeme plus efficace d'extinction et de refroidissement, de mettre en oeuvre le plan d'operation interne (POI) dans les stations relevant de l'ONE, d'actualiser les textes legislatifs et reglementaires fixant les conditions d'exploitation des etablissements qui presentent des causes d'insalubrite, d'incommodite ou de danger, et d'astreindre les installations de ce genre a se conformer aux normes de securite en la matiere.
Il a appele les autorites concernees et les differentes configurations a se conformer aux lois du budget general et la perception des droits par les voies legales officielles.
Concernant la restructuration du ministere, le general Mohamed Ibrahim a indique la formation d'un comite a cet egard, mais que ce processus ne pourrait etre accompli du jour au lendemain et qu'il faut que ceci soit fait de facon professionnelle, car la restructuration doit se conformer au travail de la Police et aux circonstances actuelles.
The transparency of the plastic Conformer Expansion Envelope overcame this obstacle, magnifying the impact of the customized contents.
Donnant des orientations et des conseils aux hadji et deposant un baiser affectueux sur le front des plus ages d'entre eux, en signe de respect, un geste bien de chez-nous, le meme responsable leur a recommande de se conformer a la sagesse et a la patience pour preserver l'image de marque de l'Algerie.