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  • verb

Synonyms for conform

fit in




Synonyms for conform

to be compatible or in correspondence

to be in keeping with

to make or become suitable to a particular situation or use

to make conventional

Synonyms for conform

be similar, be in line with

Related Words

adapt or conform oneself to new or different conditions

References in classic literature ?
Finally, although he was sufficiently acquainted with the customs of society and with the laws of politeness, to which he conformed as rigidly as if they had been military regulations; though he had real mental power, both natural and acquired; and although he had mastered the art of handling men, the science of tactics, the theory of sabre play, and the mysteries of the farrier's craft, his learning had been prodigiously neglected.
Nutty Boyd conformed as nearly as a human being may to Euclid's definition of a straight line.
In every other respect he conformed to the religion of the young settlement, and gained the name of being an orthodox and straight-walking man.
Wal-Mart I concluded that an accounting system would be considered "sound" if it conformed to the Sec.
For Oliver Stone's Alexander, editors conformed the film's offline edit from Avid Film Composer systems into Avid DS Nitris systems as a single sequence, including audio and visual effects.
California currently conforms to the January 1998 IRC and only has selectively conformed since then.
We struggle between taking only what is pleasant and good about being a Christian and being conformed to Christ in a life that includes suffering and self-sacrifice.