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Now featuring design enhancements such as a modified stent frame, optimized graft film layers, enhanced conformability, and expanded oversizing ranges, the Conformable GORE TAG Device provides an optimal fit and maximum conformability for each patient's anatomy without compromising conformability.
TwistTube was originally developed to provide a wraparound, abrasion-resistant covering with extremely high conformability to bends.
Avery Dennison's new high-performance Global MDO film offers clarity, conformability, sustainability and productivity.
We carefully designed the new Beautyrest line to leverage the hallmarks of the brand, which include unparalleled motion separation, durability, conformability and support, while enhancing a consumer's sleep experience through BeautyFeel(TM) comfort.
Utilizing the unique Silcryst nanocrystalline silver technology of ACTICOAT, the Flex line provides enhanced conformability on awkward anatomical areas such as face and hands and breakthrough stretch properties to improve patient comfort during wear.
In addition, the stent offers some of the thinnest struts available and a novel open cell design that maximizes flexibility and conformability, while causing minimal inflammation and tissue damage during deployment.
Support from Ohio Third Frontier will enable Reflex electronic skin advancements in the following areas to enhance commercial viability: performance, size, conformability, electronics and manufacturing.
Clinical feedback has confirmed REVIVE offers excellent conformability to the defect and ease of handling.
The new gel gap fillers are available in a variety of colours and present excellent thermal conductivity with 90% conformability combined with low hardness (Shore 00) and low oil bleed to give long term stability.
The eDES design is based on the clinically proven NIRxcell(TM) stent architecture intended to enhance conformability, scaffolding and radial strength.
These facestocks have 12-month outdoor life; excellent tear, moisture, and chemical resistance; high conformability and flexibility; are phthalate and cadmium free; and pass CPSIA regulations.
Metal containers have been widely used because of their good conformability, resistance, and UV and light protection.
In our study, Synthecel Dura Repair delivered on all these measures, and given its excellent handling characteristics and conformability, provides an excellent choice of implant for a reliable dural repair in standard or complex procedures.
General-finishing flap brushes that offer consistent surface finishing with good conformability.
Depending on the type of display, these will include: flexibility and conformability, shatterproof, lightweight, thin, low power consumption and daylight readable.