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behave in accordance or in agreement with


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For example, a girl could identify as a lesbian and conform to gender norms while a boy could identify as heterosexual but express himself in a feminine way.
898 is not eligible to change its tax year (unless to conform to a new required tax year under Sec.
I have taken the decision," Bison told the press decisively, "that Iesolo should conform to European norms.
In general, states either automatically conform to the IRC or affirmatively adopt it as of a specific date, to include recent Federal changes.
California businesses will not be able to conform to the following:
The regulations also provide relief for certain foreign partnerships in existence, and transitional rules for those who elect to conform to the new rules.
Davis signed two bills that conform to some, but not all, of the changes in the 2001 federal tax act.
BALTIMORE -- Intelligent Video Surveillance Software to Create Buffer Zones around Commercial Port; Enables Port to Conform to New International Maritime Security Law
Approximately 20 states have tax laws that automatically conform to Code changes.
The Group I mortgage pool consists of first lien adjustable-rate and first and second lien fixed-rate mortgage loans with principal balances that conform to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines with a cut-off date pool balance of $329,808,876.
For LLCs organized before 1997, the DOR will conform to the LLC's Federal tax classification for tax years before 1997, and, unless the entity elects otherwise, will conform to the LLC's Federal tax classification for tax years beginning after 1996.
Under a proposal pending before the USGA and the R&A, the ERC II Forged Titanium Driver will conform to the worldwide rules of golf beginning Jan.