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  • noun

Synonyms for confluence

Synonyms for confluence

a converging at a common center

the act or fact of coming together

Synonyms for confluence

a place where things merge or flow together (especially rivers)

a flowing together

Related Words

a coming together of people

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The reported accuracies of locating confluences are driven by two key factors: the minimal distance at the nearest point and the GPS accuracy.
Expectedly, these frequently visited confluences are located close to megacities and easily accessible.
Lin, the central figure in the Confluence Project, is creating unparalleled artwork installations that follow Lewis and Clark's path along the Columbia River Basin and redefine our relationship to the land.
The Confluence Project's goal is to use place and art to explore possibilities for a better future.
The Linux Documentation Project, the Degree Confluence Project, and Etree.
The Degree Confluence Project aims to document the world by visiting every degree confluence on the earth.
Daniel Romano, who writes for Confluence under the pen name "digger," said the Post and its staff writers are simply comfortable with the status quo and do not have the incentive to drum up stirring exposes of corporate misdeeds.
The Confluence Project commissioned internationally renowned artist and architect Maya Lin to create public artwork at seven sites along the Columbia River Basin in Washington and Oregon, stretching 450 miles from the Idaho border to the Pacific Ocean.
June 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Seventeen kindergarten through 12th grade Washington and Oregon schools have been selected to participate in the 2005/2006 Confluence Project in the Schools initiative.
This really is a unique opportunity for students to create a lasting legacy for their school and community," said David Barber, a Vancouver teacher and a member of the Confluence Project educational advisory council.
Confluence Project members, the National Park Service, the City of Vancouver, the Washington State Department of Transportation and Pearson Field also participated in the review of the land bridge concepts.
the provisions of this framework agreement concerning the supply and delivery of electricity for three museum buildings (Confluence Confluence Museum, ACCA,) Museum, head of mission balance and related services.
Frank Delk, Chief Technology Officer of Confluence Solar, Inc.
By partnering with Confluence to develop Clear Portfolio(TM) Financial Reporting, Eric made it possible for fund administrators across the industry to achieve significantly lower costs, reduced risk, greater scalability and enhanced service levels.