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a situation in which a public official's decisions are influenced by the official's personal interests

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OVER THE years in the optical sector there have been many examples of potential conflicts of interest.
The rule lowers the monetary threshold at which significant financial interests require disclosure, generally from $10,000 to $5,000, and requires institutions to report to the Public Health Service additional information on identified conflicts of interest and how those conflicts are being managed.
If the real estate manager is diligent in their understanding of their client's intent as to the handling of their funds, adheres to strict accounting requirements, uses recommended insured institutions, keeps the client informed as to the status of their funds and discloses to the client any possible conflicts of interest, there should no violations of Article 7 of the Code.
Other statements have been concerned almost exclusively with conflicts of interest related to financial ties to industry--companies that sell healthcare products.
Although all Atlantic provinces have attempted to curtail and prevent municipal conflicts of interest, each has utterly failed to provide a useful and efficient behavioural framework within which municipal officials can thrive ethically.
Prior to the FDA Amendments Act of 2007, FDA employed several methods to recruit candidates for advisory committees and to evaluate candidates by prescreening them for potential conflicts of interest.
There are countless potential situations in which directors may encounter conflicts of interest, so this legislation has real challenges," said Shan Shori, head of corporate know-how at Dundas & Wilson.
While medical schools and hospitals have traditionally looked at these issues with relation to their research activities, individual conflicts of interest tended to be the focus.
Issues such as financial conflicts of interest, impartiality concerns, misuse of information, misuse of apparent or actual authority, and misuse of property are all areas of potential personal conflicts of interest for contractor employees that could result in harm to the public fisc and loss of public confidence in Government.
There is heightened awareness of conflicts of interest in relation to pension schemes through draft guidance issued by the pensions regulator.
29, provide guidance on conflicts of interest, including how one may be waived.
For nursing homes, conflicts of interest have become a hot button issue.
While there is nothing inherently wrong with a blended workforce--except arguably higher costs and loss of core expertise within the federal workforce--a blended workforce must be vigilant about potential conflicts of interest.
1) We ask whether media coverage of conflicts of interest in clinical trials of herbal remedies is of sufficient quality to provide the public with information to make decisions that are rational, well-informed, and low-risk.
We will be revising the guidance document that governs how we give out waivers to people with potential conflicts of interest," FDA Deputy Commissioner for Medical & Scientific Affairs Scott Gottlieb said during a panel discussion recently held at the National Press Club.