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Synonyms for conflict

Synonyms for conflict

Synonyms for conflict

opposition between two simultaneous but incompatible feelings

a state of opposition between persons or ideas or interests

an incompatibility of dates or events

Related Words

opposition in a work of drama or fiction between characters or forces (especially an opposition that motivates the development of the plot)

be in conflict

go against, as of rules and laws

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Pablo, the Treasurer of A2, also highlights the conflictive context that led to the separation, recognizing that many of the problems regarding the construction of a solidarity group remain:
In this study, we aimed to explore how early maternal parenting influences affects that are later experienced in conflictive interpersonal relationships.
in illuminating the paradox that this conflictive process is always at the root of cultural progress" (94).
This is a conflictive concept developed by the Western European powers in their attempts to establish hegemony on the Eurasian continent and in the world through mercantile colonialism.
In a review of 15 years of the literature on the most frequent comorbidity patterns, Jensen, Martin, and Cantwell (1997) concluded that the clinical course and evolution of ADHD generally worsened in the presence of comorbid problems, including conflictive parent-child interactions, poor school performance, risky driving behaviors, or risk of substance abuse and antisocial personality disorder.
Because of the conflictive nature of Palestinian education in Israel and the difficulty in defining educational goals satisfied both the Palestinian community and the state, official policy in this regard suspended decisions (Landau, 1993).
Various programs like team working, mentoring for leadership, leadership skills, working together etc, impart the efficient teaming skills to train employees to handle conflictive transactions, conflict resolutions, understanding and transacting with internal customers.
Following are the familial environment characteristics reported by parents: conflictive marital relationship; a semiperipheral father and a mother with overprotective tendencies; parental styles with diffuse rules; distanced families; low income; parents with low schooling levels; conflictive relationship between drug-taking parents and children.
More decentralised energy development would spread wealth and electricity more evenly within the country, helping Congo move away from its conflictive past.
I was forced to see that, beyond the phenomenon of Islamic extremism and terrorism that has appeared on a global level, the root of evil is inherent in an Islam that is physiologically violent and historically conflictive.
The importance of these complex, and conflictive, inscriptions of power, knowledge, time and subjectivity form the basis of my reading of TTL.
This is done in the form of a coming to terms with Heidegger's conflictive heritage on the one hand, and with Alain Badiou's claim that for a philosophy to be possible we need to re-enact the Platonic gesture and banish the poet from the realm of truth.
3) By any quantitative measure, water should be the most conflictive of resources, not an elixir that drives enemies to craft functioning and resilient institutional arrangements.
The BASIC IP team envisioned a U/I negotiating process in which shared principles and constructive procedures would produce collaborative rather than conflictive partnerships--a process by which industry and universities could reasonably and easily reach agreement:
Fran's flighty nature, her widow's grief and her continued conflictive relationship with her grandmother propel her out of the farm house and into Calgary, without her three children.