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Synonyms for conflicting

Synonyms for conflicting

in disagreement

on bad terms

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The biggest downfall is that Aileana's mentor, Kiaran, is conflictingly described.
Conflictingly, earlier in July, the bank cut down SMEs service and terminated some of the accounts it had.
Mather embarrassed himself on Saturday with a statement that called for all involved at the club to get back to focussing on football - but which, conflictingly, was released half an hour before kick-off in Forfar.
The typically limited interpersonal contact apparent in the schizoid personality (Millon & Grossman 2007: 52) is repeatedly, yet somewhat conflictingly, presented in Holmes' habits of relating to strangers and of entertaining socially.
Unlike Scheler, who believed in a universal doctrine of moral values, Nietzsche believed that moral values are incomplete perspectives arising from psychological motivation (although, rather conflictingly, he did also believe in a higher morality for the greatest of men).
A number of important studies are available which confusingly and often conflictingly describe the dependence of these parameter levels in pre-eclamptic and normotensive groups.
Conflictingly, genetic studies place turtles as evolving from the ancestor of crocodilians and birds.
Conflictingly, unemployed residents may be more prone to pressure officials for lower assessments, so for unemployment the expected sign is indeterminate.
Conflictingly, although none of the women spoke of marriage and raising a family as a priority, great value was placed on family values and maintaining a nurturing role within the family, whatever their professional aspirations.
animals and objects around them lend themselves, conflictingly, to be
Chesterton then applies the parable of the five blind men and the elephant, in which each man accurately but conflictingly describes a different part of the elephant, to "the whole theology and philosophy of Browning," to delineate more sharply the difference between Browning's philosophical position and that of the decadents: ".