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Synonyms for conflicting

Synonyms for conflicting

in disagreement

on bad terms

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Conflictingly, unemployed residents may be more prone to pressure officials for lower assessments, so for unemployment the expected sign is indeterminate.
Chesterton then applies the parable of the five blind men and the elephant, in which each man accurately but conflictingly describes a different part of the elephant, to "the whole theology and philosophy of Browning," to delineate more sharply the difference between Browning's philosophical position and that of the decadents: ".
Should educators be surprised when they find their students' attitudes and behaviors are affected after being presented with conflictingly "wrapped" statements discussing the same science issue?
Different sources report conflictingly that the kidnappers are either former janjaweed of the Abbala tribe, Fellata tribesmen or also a group calling itself "Falcons for the Liberation of Africa.
Conflictingly, 91% of them feel that they do have processes effective enough to protect them (4).