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Synonyms for conflicting

Synonyms for conflicting

in disagreement

on bad terms

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VARIOUS and conflicting were the thoughts which oppressed me during the silent hours that followed the events related in the preceding chapter.
Elizabeth sank on the ground, and buried her face in her hands, while her heart was swelling with a variety of conflicting emotions.
These conflicting questions perplexed and agitated his mind and gave rise to much anxious reflection, for he was a conscientious man that seems ever to have aimed at a faithful discharge of his duties, and to have had the interests of his employers earnestly at heart.
Even as he spoke, the conflicting winds came to rest; the levels filled; the laterals died out in long, easy swells; the air-ways were smoothed before us.
Resuming existence at the expiration of this time, he would invariably find his great work converted into a species of hap-hazard note-book -- that is to say, into a kind of literary arena for the conflicting guesses, riddles, and personal squabbles of whole herds of exasperated commentators.
Rose felt a sudden fear; she sensed a lack of pity in Martin, an unwillingness even to try to understand her conflicting emotions.
I went back to the hotel with the big book under my arm, and with very conflicting feelings in my breast.
There are conflicting opinions respecting the original of his picture.
It comes from the struggle between conflicting misconceptions of the good.
Hence, a thousand conflicting establishments of police; that is to say, no police at all.
Perkins wished; but his face showed nothing of his conflicting emotions.