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Synonyms for conflicting

Synonyms for conflicting

in disagreement

on bad terms

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Conflict management is a coping response to conflicting relationships and situations.
Culture of capitalism is conceptualized as sets of relations between the nation-state, capitalists, laborers, and consumers as the essential elements, each one depending on the other, placing demands on, and conflicting with the others (Robbins, 2005).
Thus, there will be a conflict if conflicting metaphysical visions govern science and religion (Gregersen, Hewlett and Kalin).
In this case, the conflict of interest for the officer arises out of conflicting duties to the officer's two employers.
However, engaging the tension within and between conflicting value systems may produce deeper and more holistic pedagogical and spiritual results.
This conflicting agenda contributed to the frustration and sense of dissonance experienced by many of the respondents who spoke to this issue.
29 a ban on representing conflicting interests before the IRS.
If the complimentary and sometimes conflicting information is not addressed properly, the resulting confusion tends to create a zero-sum (3) environment between the two teams, thus increasing their competitive positions on how best to handle the situation.
Tendencies toward political fragmentation and integration constituted conflicting patterns of development in regional politics.