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Synonyms for mediation

Synonyms for mediation

a negotiation to resolve differences that is conducted by some impartial party

the act of intervening for the purpose of bringing about a settlement

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The manual will help strengthen the efforts of conflict mediators to build local capacities for conflict mediation and peace building at the local level, through adopting a systematic and comprehensive engagement strategy.
Some subjects considered include education for democracy in Africa, indigenous African processes of conflict mediation, indigenous governance as a framework for African development, and African visions of environmental stewardship.
Workbooks and library supplies, team leaders at Knox Trail School in Spencer and the conflict mediation program were also axed.
Certainly there are Canadian diplomats who, in the course of their work in troubled parts of the world, have been engaged in conflict mediation efforts.
The role of regional communities is discussed by Babatunde T Afolabi with regard to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in West Africa and by Helmut Orbon concerning SADC's conflict mediation in Southern Africa.
Twelve papers are organized into sections treating: development and environmental policy as an integral part of a comprehensive approach linking foreign and security policy; political psychology in its application to conflict mediation, conflict analysis, and conflict transformation; and the challenges of global governance as the regulatory framework of comprehensive security.
The conflict mediation expert and member of the public advisory committee of Batken region, Fahriddin Isakov, shared his vision about legitimacy of construction of the Ak-Sai-Kok-Tash road and water supply problems in Batken region and border areas of Tajikistan in an interview with AKIpress.
Hence, the methods and their effects in the show may not be totally applicable to the real conflict mediation.
Central America, where it's reducing drug--and gang-related violence in Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras through conflict mediation, capacity building and strengthening of civil society; and
Glover has also earned a certificate in conflict mediation from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and is pursuing a doctorate in leadership studies at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway.
America performs an irreplaceable role in ensuring collective security and providing other global public goods, such as a reserve currency and conflict mediation.
For the majority, medical care and conflict mediation were more important than economic support, yet there were no government initiatives to address reproductive health problems resulting from sexual violence and physical trauma which occurred during their captivity.
She has been involved in conflict mediation since 1994 and founded the Israeli-Palestinian Media Forum in Jerusalem.
The webcast will also feature a public-private partnership case study that will address the critical elements of a public-private partnership contract and the components necessary to ensure transparency, accountability and conflict mediation.
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