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Synonyms for mediation

Synonyms for mediation

a negotiation to resolve differences that is conducted by some impartial party

the act of intervening for the purpose of bringing about a settlement

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Each year in June, this global retreat convenes Special Representatives of the UN Secretary-General, representatives of key government players in conflict mediation as well as conflict parties and carefully selected actors from the private mediation sector.
The three-day Conference will feature inspiring sessions on topics such as creating vision, mission, and action plans; inspiring and mobilizing communities in grassroots action; developing skills in conflict mediation, communication, and problem-solving; and networking.
Carter, a broker of the 1978 Camp David peace accords between Egypt and Israel, won the Nobel Peace Prize for his conflict mediation as president and since he left office.
Approaches, which range from experiential, behavior, and solution-focused to existential-humanistic and attachment theory, are meant for dealing with coping, self-awareness and management skills, anger management, substance abuse, children of alcoholics, grief and loss, conflict mediation, and parenting, plus specific activities for groups of teens.
Bashir might succeed in his ambition, an outcome that would have destroyed the African Union's credibility not only in Darfur but in conflict mediation elsewhere.
Augsburger quotes Roger Fisher and William Ury in their book Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In (Penguin, 1991) as a model of conflict mediation process based on Western values which I find extremely helpful: "1) Focus on interests, not on positions.
The same can be said for the feature articles in this issue, especially David Miller's piece on the "faith at work" movement and Partie Porter and Cecily Sawyer-Harmon's argument for adding conflict mediation to the EAP Cote Technology.
Students were asked to apply information that they had learned about media violence and conflict mediation to answer questionnaire items as well as to complete a media clip analysis exercise.
The ready availability of lethal weapons of war in the wrong hands is a serious impediment to conflict mediation, and a force protection concern for our militaries, including peacekeepers.
The residence assistants who live in the apartments with the students also are well trained in conflict mediation, to help with the inevitable squabbles that come when students who have never had to share a room before suddenly find themselves bunking with three other people.
To discover a safe place to practice conflict mediation.
The Archbishop told the House: "Faith communities and religious leaders have distinct and distinctive qualities in relation to the realm of conflict mediation and conciliation.
ROME--The San Egidio community, a lay Catholic movement dedicated to working with the poor, interfaith dialogue, and international conflict mediation, has received the 1999 Niwano Peace Prize awarded by the Buddhist-sponsored Niwano Peace Foundation of Japan and named for a Buddhist observer at the Second Vatican Council.
Conflict Mediation as Contingency: Cross-Cultural Macro- and Micro-Level Dispute Resolution
13) Urban professional classes have indeed emerged, yet the peoples of the Middle East have not yet disposed of their attachment to families and their distinctive rituals of hospitality and conflict mediation.
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