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Synonyms for conflict

Synonyms for conflict

Synonyms for conflict

opposition between two simultaneous but incompatible feelings

a state of opposition between persons or ideas or interests

an incompatibility of dates or events

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opposition in a work of drama or fiction between characters or forces (especially an opposition that motivates the development of the plot)

be in conflict

go against, as of rules and laws

References in classic literature ?
Remote over Canada receded the rest of that conflict and vanished beyond the range of his vision.
But mechanical invention had gone faster than intellectual and social organisation, and the world, with its silly old flags, its silly unmeaning tradition of nationality, its cheap newspapers and cheaper passions and imperialisms, its base commercial motives and habitual insincerities and vulgarities, its race lies and conflicts, was taken by surprise.
There is no such thing as a conflict of interest between labor and capital--or, rather, there ought not to be.
When there is only so much of the same thing, and when two men want all they can get of the same thing, there is a conflict of interest between labor and capital.
The trapper found him distributing knives to the ferocious hags, who received the presents chanting a low monotonous song, that recalled the losses of their people, in various conflicts with the whites, and which extolled the pleasures and glory of revenge.
The purpose of a conflict of interest policy is to protect the best interests of a charitable organization when it contemplates entering into a contract or other transaction that could benefit the private interest of an organization's officers, directors, key employees or certain other individuals (such as close family members or business interests).
But in truth the history of Christian-Muslim relations, from its very beginnings until today, has simultaneously unfolded and continues to unfold along both of these major story lines--confrontation and conflict as well as dialogue and cooperation--sometimes running parallel and often intersecting.
The articles in this issue, in addition to the one that directly addresses church conflict, deal with issues that can cause division: biblical interpretation, ecumenical relations, mission strategies, and interfaith dialogue.
Where a conflict has been identified, a trustee board should have a process in place for deciding whether a more active form of conflict management is required.
The papers address the role of sub-regional integration schemes in conflict prevention and management in Africa, the role of the African Union in conflict resolution, the development of the continental early warning system of the African Union, International Criminal Court prosecutions of the Lord's Resistance Army insurgency in Uganda, local government and the potential of social capital in post- apartheid South Africa, local government and the management of conflict in fragmented societies, managing the process of conflict resolution in the Sudan, elections and conflict in Southern Africa, the Somali peace process, post-conflict Mozambique, and post-1990 constitutional reforms in Africa.
Given the current level of conflict and open hostility in the Anglican Communion, there is a very real danger that a covenant would reflect that conflict rather than any degree of reconciliation.
The tax adviser believes he or she can objectively perform services for the affected parties, despite the conflict.
But such an interpretation cannot possibly be correct, because it comes in conflict with the living example of Christ himself.
said Rose & Kindel didn't lobby for the legislation on behalf of SAP and has not lobbied for SAP on anything before LAUSD because of the ``potential conflict.
Allowing make-ups for unavoidable conflicts also may sound reasonable, but it is amazing what will become an "unavoidable conflict.