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As indicated, it has not even been shown conclusively that existing theories of action cannot avoid the mentioned conflations.
In one of those conflations popular with educational institutions and certain architects alike, this spectrum approximately represents the thickness of reinforcement concealed behind the aluminium panels (blue indicating the less reinforced or stress-prone sections).
But the more recent book suffers from many of the same conflations, reductiveness, false unities, false dichotomies, and oversimplifications as Black Feminist Theory.
Thanks to saturation advertising, "matrix" is now a universal buzzword for the digital template in which all mathematical conflations and mutations of given reality occur.
Essentially derived from one of his own earlier publications, Tori's article reveals discrepancies - omissions, conflations and errors - between Salutati's minutes taken at meetings and his more fulsome formal accounts.
Some of the essays offer detailed readings of such works as Midnight's Children and Janet Frame's odd conflations of fictional and nonfictional depictions of madness.