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During the 209 struggle, a TV commercial conflating an attack on affirmative action with the KKK may have offended, rather than won over, white conservatives who oppose affirmative action but hardly consider themselves white supremacists.
He makes a comparable error in the opposite direction by labeling all whites as settlers, conflating private citizens and career soldiers, personal behavior and national policy.
Army, while modernizing its uniforms and insignias in 1902, made a curious error by conflating the staff of Aesculapius and the caduceus, substituting the latter for the former (the true ancient symbol of medicine).
At Vatican I, in a radical breach with tradition, the papalists handed over all power to the pope by conflating the three magisteria of bishops, theologians, and the sensus fidelium into one: the pope.
I imagined the Chittendens as a clan or secret society of pre-Microsoft middle managers, and began to develop a mise-en-scene conflating Veblen and the insurance agency's maritime iconography.
The dual definition could have spelled trouble, for it complicates her thesis and risks conflating such widely different actions as appearing as an individual in court and buying groceries in a shop around the corner.
Conflating shrillness and verbal violence with real conceptual radicalism, Loewenstein misses or slights the rejection of Puritan orthodoxy by figures like Walwyn (who is scanted here), and by Coppe, Winstanley and Fox.
Hughes also commits the (very popular) error of conflating vastly different issues into a single category for the purpose of making a case.
Unlike his "Beetle Manifesto" works, which by some Frank Gehry-esque feat of engineering undulated right off the wall, Van Tran's recent paintings are compressed into a two-dimensional field in which space is warped and scale convoluted, conflating the microscopic and the telescopic, the fabulous and the banal.
In his love letters to Angelina Grimke in 1838, Theodore Dwight Weld did something one would not expect from a man courting a woman: he repeatedly desexed his fiance in his rhetoric (and at moments even imaginatively remade her into a man) by conflating her with a male friend of his, Charles Stuart.
Once the facts became known, the lying had to assume a different guise; a conflating of crimes and mistakes.
Such an approach might consider, without conflating, a wider range of the meanings of the term acquisition.
Though Herzog & de Meuron claim that the tower is a way of reconciling the museum's orientation to that of the San Francisco city grid surrounding the park, in reality the result is a completely sculptural object continuing the trend started by Frank Gehry of conflating art and the buildings that house it.
At times, Blanke also runs the risk of conflating the membership of the Grange with the rural population as a whole, and claiming Grange ideals as representative of the values of the entire rural society.
By conflating the legends of Aeneas and the Argonauts, he helped create a stockpile of images which could be used to bolster the authority and prestige of the Roman Empire.