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Thompson and Taylor's Hamlet, then, is the edition of choice for those who dislike conflated texts, and who are interested in the play's literary and theatrical reception.
The ideals of affirmative action have become conflated with the proposition that there is a black way to be .
In her chapter on child loss poetry, Hammons describes vividly a culture in which motherhood was mythologized, idealized, feared, and demonized, one in which many believed women's acts of imagination during pregnancy "could influence the shape of their unborn babies" (165), one in which "a mother-poet's agency in writing a poem on child loss" could easily "be conflated with her supposed agency in ensuring (or not) the life of her child" (13).
However, the chapter as a whole is not convincing because the meaning of the term proletarian becomes conflated with a search for social justice or a protest against intraracial or interracial discrimination.
I expect it gets conflated with marketing during practice deliberations about whether to set up a site or not.
But that doesn't mean the problem of terrorism should be conflated with that of illegal immigration.
Though Jacoby grossly underestimated the right's capacity to contain the left within higher education, essentially conflated postmodernists with the left as a whole, and virtually ignored other progressive currents, he diagnosed spreading afflictions, like inane writing, excessive theorizing, and self-promotion.
For King Lear, whose text is the most difficult to establish, the editors have published the First Quarto text on one page and the Folio text on the facing page and this is followed by a conflated version.
Wells' intriguing look at the Civil War concerns the usurpation of daily rhythms by "battle time," which she contends disrupted sleep patterns, extended work hours, conflated leisure hours and desecrated the Sabbath.
The next series, "One End," 2005, a group of aluminum plates two feet in diameter coated with green, pink, yellow, or blue sequins, echoed the mirror motif from I Love You, yet their flat metallic support--and the fact that they were hung on the wall--added another dimension: They conflated the condition of two visual devices, mirror and painting.
I commended the chair of the chapter's Federal Tax Committee for his good work in planning the program, but conflated his name and company, calling him "Steve Gillette.
The media didn't mention that the first question was abstract and that the second so conflated vouchers, which aren't popular, with public school choice, which is popular, that the question was essentially meaningless.
The unworthy poor, conflated with vagrants, were destined for labor in public works or armed service, while the worthy poor became beneficiaries of a social experiment.
In Levine's hands, thumbnail sketches of atypical figures produce generalizable data, the legislation of rulers is equivalent to its acceptance and internalization by the ruled, material conflicting with his claims is ignored (primogeniture did not sweep away other medieval inheritance systems), while things distinct (feudalism and manorialism) are conflated.