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Synonyms for conflagrate

cause to start burning

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Sporadic bonfires did not conflagrate across the nation over the period of a week like tardy signals of invasion.
The bowl of fruit bursts into flames just before Gideon's shoes conflagrate, but half a cut apple by the side of the bowl remains unaffected.
But unless the administration comes out of its trance soon and faces the bleak realities in Iraq, the crisis will conflagrate and the region and the world will suffer long after Mr Bush leaves the White House.
The agony depicted in the film and the endless torture scenes conflagrate human prejudices and cause allegations and counter allegations.
The crisis of services conflagrates and rumblings of budget begin Mikati circles to An-Nahar: relations with Bkerki are good and contact maintained Fractured Hariri foot/ requirements of recovery which would in no way affect date of his return DIYAR: Sleiman stresses respective national sovereignty of each nation and demands quick release of captives Syro-Lebanese northern border: four killed/ Syrian navy arrested fishermen's boat AL HAYAT: Damascus speaks of "smugglers' boat" following boy's death, the injuring of a second and arrest of a third Sleiman demands respect of sovereignty, Mikati deplores attack of Syrian speed boat on Lebanese fishermen G.