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Synonyms for confiscate

Synonyms for confiscate

to take quick and forcible possession of

Synonyms for confiscate

take temporary possession of as a security, by legal authority

surrendered as a penalty

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That confiscatory rate would certainly be challenged under the U.
Although the real competition pertains to DSL providers versus cable companies that sell broadband service, the regulators focus on the faux competition that they create with their confiscatory schemes.
Because a federal judge would hopefully be isolated from the conflicting political pressures that affect the rationality of decisions by legislators and bureaucrats, a takings lawsuit may well be the most effective way to challenge this confiscatory set of regulations.
Public schools have little incentive to improve since their money stream is powered by the confiscatory state.
Bergsten, I believe that cutting high-income rates on entrepreneurs and reducing confiscatory rates on inheritances, and promoting social security reform will all help raise our national saving rate over time.
First, the facts: citable enterprise/private philanthropy is almost the exclusive domain of countries that practice free market economies Free from burdensome state-rim policies that grow fat from confiscatory tax policy.
This ruling] is inequitable and confiscatory," CT leaders told reporters.
More importantly, given the confiscatory policies of our British brethren, there are a number of svelte short-chambered 20 and 12 ga.
Under this approach, death neither confers a benefit, nor results in a punitive, confiscatory tax.
Talisman noted that the promoters attack the penalty as confiscatory and suggest that a penalty should be imposed on the corporations.
to safeguard against threats such as monetary exchange controls, the forced repatriation of assets, confiscatory tax rates, etc.
A family partnership was created in 1950 to manage the land and deal with potentially confiscatory estate taxes.
Confiscatory taxation does not make an elite more responsible; only education can do that.
Such trade encourages liberalization; it's harder to attract foreign capital with confiscatory taxation or nationalization hanging over investors' heads.
The confiscatory mood of today's Presidency, even with the Republican-controlled Congress, threatens to change that.