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Synonyms for confiscate

Synonyms for confiscate

to take quick and forcible possession of

Synonyms for confiscate

take temporary possession of as a security, by legal authority

surrendered as a penalty

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The cabinet meeting also assessed the approach adopted in the issue of confiscated assets since 2011 and its results, calling to establish strategic orientations to guarantee an efficient treatment of this issue, the same source adds.
Taraf reported that the government now is looking for a way out for the businessmen by adding an article in a proposed omnibus law prohibiting these cars from being confiscated.
More than one million pieces of cosmetic products have been confiscated in a raid at a warehouse in Ras Al Khor by the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in the Department of Economic Development (DED).
Moreover, he asked to open investigation into the case of the booby-trapped car which was confiscated in Bek on Labboueh- Arsal.
According to the law, if the limit of 24 black points is reached, the following penalties are applied: the driving licence is confiscated for three months for the first traffic violation; the driving licence is confiscated for six months for the second traffic violation; and the licence is confiscated for a year and is not returned until the driver passes a driving course at one of the accredited driving schools in the state for the third traffic violation.
Officers confiscated five computers, two printers, three CCTV cameras, lottery tickets and e1/4200 in cash.
BEIRUT: Police raided a shop in north Lebanon Friday and confiscated a significant amount of weapons, The National News Agency reported.
Hussein said the guns were confiscated at a checkpoint in the Al-Barh coastal area, manned by public security and the 35th Armored Brigade.
The prisoner alleged that the materials were confiscated because of the officers' personal prejudice, and that the officers failed to invoke a media committee's review of the material as required by procedures.
Security officials at Liverpool magistrates' court have confiscated 44 mobile phones which take photographs in the past two months.
Detectives confiscated crystal methamphetamine, heroin and rock cocaine as well as pipes, scales and other drug paraphernalia.
4 million euros as the buildings confiscated by Komercijalna banka are worth over 16 million euros.
This has resulted in several people receiving warnings and in some cases their motorcycles have been confiscated and destroyed "Motorcycles may not be used on public roads unless they are suitably roadworthy, taxed, insured and registered with a licensed rider.
KABUL (PAN): Afghan National Security Forces assisted by Coalition forces confiscated a large weapons cache in the Sheberghan District of Jawzjan province.
The two Vauxhall Corsa drivers who had their cars confiscated from them will now have to pay a release fee to get them back.