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Synonyms for confiscate

Synonyms for confiscate

to take quick and forcible possession of

Synonyms for confiscate

take temporary possession of as a security, by legal authority

surrendered as a penalty

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Chalghoum said the commission has divested three state holdings in three companies for $ 100 million, saying it is planned to schedule and monitor the sale of more than 22 companies confiscated and managed by "Al Karama Holding".
Aref Daraghma, an expert in Israeli colonies and violations, said the soldiers interrogated many drivers while inspecting their ID cards, and confiscated vehicles belonging to Burhan Daraghma, Jazy Daraghma and Nadim Sawafta.
He, however, did not specify where the poultry products were heading before they were confiscated.
The confiscated fuel was transferred to a local oil storage facility, he added.
Regarding other confiscated property, Slim Chaker said most are put under court sequestration or receivership.
The confiscated smuggled used clothes were turned over to the Bureau of Customs (BOC) for custody and proper disposition.
In sum, the property of those who acquire wealth through bribery and corrupt practices should be confiscated, but the confiscation mechanism should be strictly restricted to those who acquire wealth through bribery and corruption, and there should be measures to protect individuals and social groups from being punished by governments with the confiscation method.
They noted that the elements of the organization wrote a note on the walls of those houses says that these houses are confiscated by the Islamic state.
The US customs ranked first this year with regard to confiscating items that violated intellectual property, with 7,554 operations, and ranked eighth in terms of confiscated items with 16,501,136 copied items.
Guy explains: "These confiscated items are evidence of pupils' playful and impulsive activities and how they may reject or evade rules.
General Abdullah bin Mahfouz, Information Spokesman of the Border Guard, said the quantity confiscated included 19090 live bullets to be used for pistols and rifles.
Today, less than 1% of the proceeds of crimes such as drug trafficking, counterfeiting, human trafficking and small arms smuggling are frozen and confiscated.
On Wednesday, police confiscated 71 computers and arrested four people after raids at 13 betting shops in Paphos and one in Limassol.
Ras Al Khaimah: The Ras Al Khaimah Department of Economic Development has confiscated a number of men's shoes after receiving a complaint from a customer who pointed out that the shoes on display in a shop carried the name of God.
Summary: Police raided a shop in north Lebanon Friday and confiscated a significant amount of weapons, The National News Agency reported.