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Synonyms for confiscate

Synonyms for confiscate

to take quick and forcible possession of

Synonyms for confiscate

take temporary possession of as a security, by legal authority

surrendered as a penalty

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It is a tool of oppression to confiscate the property of individuals, civil society organizations (CSOs), foundations or associations that are acquired through legitimate means.
The new rules will allow member states to confiscate assets acquired through similar crimes, inter alia in cases of active and passive corruption in the private sector, active and passive corruption involving officials of EU institutions or of EU member states, participation in a criminal organisation, child pornography or cybercrime.
Mr Coaker said the law gives teachers the powers to confiscate "all inappropriate items" irrespective of their legal status.
According to an airport spokesperson, officials were forced to confiscate the toy as they are under instruction to confiscate anything that looks like a weapon or a replica, reported PA News.
Sheriff John McInnes said the law allowed him to confiscate a vehicle even if it did not belong to the driver.
The daily reported that, upon finding out businessmen close to the government were involved, the BakyrkE[micro]y and Gebze Prosecutor's Offices, which spearheaded the investigation, ordered the Customs Directorate to confiscate the luxury cars that had entered Turkey illegally, in accordance with Article 235 of the Customs Law.
Patrols of Border Guard Confiscate Weapons in Jazan" Jazan, Safar 23, 1435, Dec 26, 2013, SPA -- The patrols of the Border Guard in Jazan Region confiscated 185 pistols and 370 ammunition from a smuggler during routine checks along the border today.
Head of the Village Council, Ahmad Sukar, told PNN that the farmers Saber Manasra and Jum'a Yousef Assaf have found the Israeli notices which show that Israel will confiscate 60 acres of their land in al-Bas and Khelit Arar adjacent to Tzur Hadassah settlement.
Summary: RAMALLAH: Israeli authorities on Wednesday decided to confiscate a large area of agricultural lands near the West Bank city of Nablus, a Palestinian official said.
SCHOOLS were told yesterday that they do have the power to confiscate mephedrone from pupils - despite it not being banned under the law.
If those riding bikes are found to be doing so without complying with these requirements and are doing so inappropriately, then the police have powers to confiscate and possibly scrap the bike.
We have signs saying cameras and recording equipment are prohibited and if we find such equipment we will confiscate it until the person leaves the court.