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Synonyms for confirm

Synonyms for confirm

to make firmer in a particular conviction or habit

to accept officially

Synonyms for confirm

make more firm

support a person for a position

administer the rite of confirmation to

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The Senate votes whether or not to confirm the President's choice.
On receipt, the taxpayer confirms lease approval and faxes a copy of the credit approval to the QI and the dealer.
Until an independent team confirms the observations, Dessler says, he will remain doubtful.
This testing essentially confirms what we have been expecting," said John Kobayashi, M.
Timmins Nickel exploration confirms Langmuir ore body
SSSU Confirms TD Ameritrade Refusing all Buy Orders of its Stock in the Open Market
98-10 confirms that a security-for-security exchange in a B reorganziation is governed by Secs.
This verification also confirms the patient's understanding of the anatomical location for a procedure - a critical measure to help minimize the risk of wrong-site surgery.
The gravity survey confirms a large underlying anomaly coincident with the gossan and with a previous ground transient-electro-magnetic (TEM) geophysical anomaly.
This is consistent with the platinum ratio in the Western Bushveld generally and confirms PTM's earlier estimates.
This intersection, the deepest one to date in the Roberto zone, is of great importance to Virginia since it confirms the persistence of high grades and good thicknesses at depth in the Roberto zone.
The mineralisation presents the typical aspect of the Roberto zone and clearly confirms the extension of the Roberto auriferous system towards the south.
Finally the clay-silica alteration encountered also confirms the prospective nature of the Hornby Bay Basin.
The NTP found no negative effects from chromium picolinate in its rigorous 13-week toxicity studies on rats and mice, which further confirms previous pre-clinical findings.