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Synonyms for confirmed

Synonyms for confirmed

subject to a disease or habit for a long time

Antonyms for confirmed

of persons

Related Words

having been established or made firm or received the rite of confirmation


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As of 9 January, there have been 34 confirmed cases in West Yorkshire, 29 confirmed cases in Cheshire and Liverpool, 32 confirmed cases in the West Midlands, 20 confirmed cases in Surrey and 7 confirmed cases in Greater Manchester.
United Nations worker Frederick Wooldridge, 41, from Kent, was the first Briton to be confirmed dead after perishing with dozens of his colleagues.
The other eight cases are all thought to be students returning from university and include a 21-year-old man, from Cardiff, who is a direct contact of a confirmed case in Leicester and a 19 and a 20-year-old woman, from Swansea, who are direct contacts of a confirmed case in Exeter.
Figures released earlier yesterday revealed that nearly 500 Scots have now been confirmed as having swine flu.
Another two children connected to the outbreak at Eton College were also confirmed with the virus.
The majority of the confirmed cases were reported in London, where 307 cases were recorded, but East of England with 155 confirmed cases and Yorkshire and Humberside with 87 also saw significant increases.
The airline said that customers can request a confirmed seat on an earlier or later flight on the day they are scheduled to travel, now allowed within 12 hours of the scheduled departure time of the alternate flight.
They confirmed that people could have their access to pathways in infected areas restricted.
No human infections have been confirmed in the Antelope Valley.
TOYOTA today confirmed that Jarno Trulli will partner Ralf Schumacher next season.
RECORD numbers of students have had their places at university confirmed already this year, meaning fewer will have to endure the anxiety of going through clearing.
Our own analysis confirmed that the original tumor was indeed a well differentiated squamous cell carcinoma (figure 1).
Say yes" behavior may be suggested from the results of other related substantive testing and observations when the recipient does not adequately investigate the accuracy of balances being confirmed.
Images from the Polar cameras have not only confirmed the original observations but provided even stronger evidence of these objects, Frank reported at the meeting.