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Such investors are less intuitive and more confirmative in their decision making as they are neutral towards statement "I get unsure by the lingo of financial experts", "At the end of the day, I decide intuitively in financial affairs".
In fact, without confirmative lab results, a doctor is on shaky ground to make a diagnosis.
The HPE report was confirmative, showing the presence of normal rudimentary uterus, testis (not ovary, as we thought) showing germ cell atrophy (Sertoli cell only), normal epididymis and spermatic cord (vas deferens).
The facility is offering many preliminary and confirmative tests for HIV, including early detection screen 10 days post exposure.
Ecumenical work can fruitfully focus on plural accounts of God's presence, both communal and individual, both originative and confirmative.
11] In uncomplicated cases of polyorchidism, an MRI does not provide any additional data to that given by sonography, but only plays a confirmative role.
Gross cystic disease fluid protein 15 (NeoMarkers, Fremont, California) (Figure 3, G) and androgen receptor (Dako) (Figure 3, H) showed positive reaction of tumor cells, confirmative of SDC.
As a result of human observational studies and confirmative experiments in animal models of FASD, alcohol now is widely accepted by the scientific community and the public as a teratogen.
A zone difference of >5 mm between cefotaxime and cefotaxime/ clavulunate was considered as confirmative for ESBL production.
At some point, all this acquired confirmative knowledge actually makes them believe the things they only pretended to believe.
Three active confirmative Phase II studies to evaluate NXN-188 administered as three 200mg capsules 119
This project, which combines both repeatered and repeaterless cable supply and installation, has put a confirmative seal on declaring the consortium of Fujitsu and NSW a natural choice for full turnkey submarine cable systems on a worldwide basis.
In addition, more than 90% of the elements are included in the confirmative themes.
Scientifically, all diagnoses so far are presumptive as the test manufacturers used the term "this test is only a presumptive test" and not confirmative.
If the test is confirmative both theoretical descriptions, of QM intrinsic properties of system (microparticle) and of QMS, can be considered as adequate.