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The measurement of engagement and burnout: A confirmative analytic approach.
The patient was referred to a tertiary setting for a nephrologist to perform a confirmative biopsy of the renal masses and provide further management.
After confirming the presence of pathological proteinuria via a confirmative test such as the SSA test, it is necessary to determine the P/C and/or A/C ratio in the first morning urine sample or the excretion of protein/albumin in the 24 hour collected urine sample and possibly determine the type of proteinuria with electrophoretic techniques [17, 18].
Confirmative diagnosis is based on physical examination and cytological findings typical kind of TVT in exfoliated cells obtained by swabs, fine needle aspirations or impression of tumors (Moulton, 1978).
What especially reinforces this interpretation is the confirmative "yes" in [3], which can be compared with the conversational exchange in Extract (2), in which the second speaker's "yes" marks a direct response to the first speaker's question.
The use of p63 in our study was to confirm the presence or absence of basal cell layer, and accordingly, the precise confirmative diagnosis will be more established.
Other schools enrolled in the first edition, yet their achievements were not as confirmative.
Nevertheless, the natural gas equipment market is still pending a confirmative recovery, the Group's energy equipment segment will implement various measures to achieve lower cost of production, increased customisation and innovation as well as superior customer service, and will carefully manage and control its capital expenditure and working capital.
Since there is no gold standard, urologists have used confirmative evidence to circumvent this deficiency.
The rate of retrogradation, which is a ratio of the microbial population on KAA confirmative agar to that on beef-extract agar, varies depending on preceding crops.
Along with the participants' regular (if not active) blogging exercises, these conjoint strengths may in turn sustain the finding in the quantitative inquiry of blogging's confirmative effect on students' writing skills, motivation, and confidence.
5 Mtrs Lift And 30 Mtrs Travel With Motorized Trolley Dsl Down-Shop Lead-Power Supply To Hoist Confirmative To Is 3938 Capable Of Operating On Double Girder Gantry.
sup][10] Primary hepatic hemangiopericytoma on contrast computerized tomography shows lobulated mass with enhancing solid components, cystic areas, and speckled calcification may be suggestive of hemangiopericytoma, but not confirmative.
Numerous studies provided confirmative evidence towards the negative outcome provoked by the maternal employment on children's development (Barling & Van Bart, 1984; Estes, 2004; MacEwen & Barling, 1991; McLoyd, 1990; McLoyd et al.