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capable of being tested (verified or falsified) by experiment or observation

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In part 2, following this meeting, each participant was instructed to assess sequentially for each specimen the percentage of cells present with EGFR membrane staining intensities of 3+ (strong; visible at low levels of magnification, X5 objective lens; Figure 1, A; which could be confirmed at higher levels as required; Figure 1, B), 2+ (moderate; staining visible at intermediate levels of magnification, X10 or X20 objective lenses; Figure 1, C and D), 1+ (weak; only reliably confirmable at high magnification, X40 objective lens; Figure 1, E and F) and 0 (no staining visible at high magnification).
Results of KMO tests suggest that the model sufficiency is confirmable at a balanced level and indicate to appropriateness of factor analysis pattern for operation of this research.
However, the International Atomic Energy Agency and the intelligence agencies of the United States and European countries have so far failed to present confirmable evidence to substantiate their claims that Iran is after nuclear weapons.
With the new SPG enhancements, the more members stay, the richer the rewards including first-of-its-kind benefits such as 24-hour check-in, the addition of lifetime status, access to a dedicated Starwood ambassador, confirmable upgrades, free breakfast, and more.
Allowing informants to read the analysis ensured that coding, categorizing, and interpretations of the data were confirmable by the informants.
Central philosophical premises are not empirically confirmable.
As McGinn insists elsewhere, analyses are not supposed to be readily confirmable by the merest reflection.
Such dubious attributions of lithic assemblages--without chronostratigraphic control--have led to the rejection of claims for any confirmable existence of the LP within Romania (Dobos 2008).
Through understanding the homeopathic "map" of these kingdoms, it is often possible to find, in an exciting yet straightforward and confirmable manner, the simillimum.
Further, the systematic collection of these insights over a period of years from a wide range of program areas would yield credible, transferable, dependable, and confirmable data to answer the guiding research question (see Lincoln & Guba, 1985, for a discussion of measures of validity and reliability in qualitative research).
In short, if a plan meets all of the requirements of [section] 1325(a), but fails to comply with some of the requirements of [section] 1325(b), the plan could still be confirmable if no one objects to confirmation.
By stages, strategic effect happens and is felt in first-order, second-order, and probably third-order and beyond, consequences, untraceably in confirmable detail.
Consideration of offers on comparables should probably be last on the list of techniques used, however, because of the lack of confirmable data, and, on occasion, the time between the offers and the effective date of appraisal.
But having my father tell the story on the way back from our empirically confirmable trip to that cemetery in Gyongyos seemed as good a way as any to tell the story.
1) What this means is that they assume that the plain sense of Scripture, rightly understood, should be confirmable by and harmonizable with--be in concord--rather than contradict the findings of modern science, correctly interpreted.