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  • verb

Synonyms for confirm

Synonyms for confirm

to make firmer in a particular conviction or habit

to accept officially

Synonyms for confirm

make more firm

support a person for a position

administer the rite of confirmation to

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In practice, this means that the President nominates a candidate, who must be voted on by the Senate, which confirms (accepts) or rejects the nomination.
The taxpayer will confirm the general form provided in advance to the dealer, with a specific notice sent to the dealer when the QI is notified.
For example, auditors often don't confirm hospital receivables, because response rates are usually inadequate.
Until an independent team confirms the observations, Dessler says, he will remain doubtful.
Timmins Nickel exploration confirms Langmuir ore body
We tested for HCV antibodies and, on antibody-positive samples, sought HCV RNA to confirm antibody reactivity.
American Airlines has introduced a new option that allows passengers to confirm a seat on an alternate flight on the same day, within three hours of the scheduled departure time of the alternate flight.
Doctors from Kaiser Permanente, where Martin was initially treated, told her family she died of West Nile virus, although the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services still must confirm that through blood tests.