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Synonyms for confining

affording little room for movement

Synonyms for confining

restricting the scope or freedom of action



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Not confining himself to theory, or permitting his faculties to rust, even at that early age, in mere abstract speculations, this promising lad commenced usurer on a limited scale at school; putting out at good interest a small capital of slate-pencil and marbles, and gradually extending his operations until they aspired to the copper coinage of this realm, in which he speculated to considerable advantage.
For some months past, my brave colleagues," continued Barbicane, "I have been asking myself whether, while confining ourselves to our own particular objects, we could not enter upon some grand experiment worthy of the nineteenth century; and whether the progress of artillery science would not enable us to carry it out to a successful issue.
I had Miss Sophia's bird in my hand, and thinking the poor creature languished for liberty, I own I could not forbear giving it what it desired; for I always thought there was something very cruel in confining anything.
I fear that Master Green is not confining himself strictly to truth.
I found him with Daddy Jacques, who had faithfully obeyed my directions, confining himself to asking his master to dress as quickly as possible.
Confining ourselves for the moment to the psychology of perceptions, we observe that perceptions are certain of the appearances of physical objects.
That in itself would have been enough to sow doubts in Bill's mind as to whether he had really got all the money that a reasonable man needed; and Claire saw to it that these doubts sprouted, by confining her conversation on the occasions of their meeting almost entirely to the great theme of money, with its minor sub-divisions of How to get it, Why don't you get it?
Maternal societies for confining poor women; Magdalen societies for rescuing poor women; strong-minded societies for putting poor women into poor men's places, and leaving the men to shift for themselves;-- he was vice-president, manager, referee to them all.
Confining walls hinder the sedimentation dynamics, leading to decreased draining.
Summary: In a third case, the RAK Criminal Court started hearing a case in which a cafe shop owner is accused of confining two Arab waitresses, who work with him, and trying to rape them.
However, much less is known about the behaviour of concrete in FRP-confined square columns, in which the confining pressure provided by the FRP varies over the cross-section and only part of the concrete is effectively confined (Park, Paulay 1975).
To find out how the immune system responds to temporary anxiety, like being frightened, scientists stressed a group of mice by confining them in tight quarters for short periods of time.
According to the court, the state had a compelling government interest in identifying, confining and treating SVPs that outweighed the plaintiff's right to privacy in his medical records.
Kobayashi, a Sapporo resident, is suspected of confining the woman from Ako, Hyogo Prefecture, in a hotel room and in his home in Adachi Ward between March 8 and June 19 last year using a collar and chain.
Some treatments of confining pressure on every sample were 25 kPa, 50 kPa and 100 kPa, respectively.