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Synonyms for confining

affording little room for movement

Synonyms for confining

restricting the scope or freedom of action



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The hoop FRP resists lateral deformations due to the axial loading, resulting in a confining stress to the concrete core, delaying rupture of the concrete and thereby enhancing both the ultimate compressive strength and the ultimate compressive strain of the concrete as illustrated by Fig.
Police are set to serve a fresh arrest warrant on Kobayashi in another case, this time on suspicion of confining another woman in her 20s in Tokyo for about four months up until last December.
The study is not only observation to liquefaction phenomena but also influence of confining pressure and cyclic deviator stress on liquefaction of clayey sand.
A lunatic ward at the Lagos prison became quickly overcrowded, and as public madness became more visible by the early twentieth century (with an increasing British presence in the colony), officials passed a lunacy ordinance in 1906 stipulating the construction of specialized institutions for confining the insane.
Howard Zonana, medical director of the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law, says that confining mentally ill offenders in a secure psychiatric hospital would most likely be more expensive than traditional imprisonment.
Mercy For Animals is urging the grocery giants to adopt new animal welfare guidelines prohibiting their pork suppliers from confining pigs in crates so small they cannot even turn around.
Yasuyoshi Kobayashi, who was indicted a day earlier on a charge of confining a 19-year-old woman for more than three months, has denied bringing the 23-year-old woman to his apartment or keeping her in captivity, the police said.
Confining the plasma provides several key benefits: it enables damage-free processing, allows Clean Mode(TM) operation without chamber wall contamination, and retains a consistent RF path inside the chamber for industry-leading stability and repeatability.
According to the court, confining the sex offender at a state detention facility did not violate his due process rights, absent allegations that his conditions of confinement were different from those imposed on any other civil detainee at the detention facility.
Such optical crystals have the same overall orderliness as ordinary crystals, but the positions of individual atoms are determined not by forces between atoms but by the wavelength of the confining light.