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Synonyms for configure

to create by combining parts or elements

Words related to configure

set up for a particular purpose

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At first glance, configuring the computers' unique settings may not seem like a big deal.
This comprehensive study guide is the only one of its kind to walk you through Microsoft's MCTS: Exchange Server 2007 configuring exam.
Likewise is very easy to install and saves a lot of time configuring Linux and Samba to work with the rest of our network," said George Clark from People Working Cooperatively.
Designing SOCs with Configured Cores" also provides SOC designers with the most comprehensive assessment available of the practical aspects of configuring and using multiple processor cores to achieve their very difficult and ambitious price, performance, and power design goals.
Learning Tree International (NASDAQ NM:LTRE) has introduced a new course, entitled Network Configuration and Troubleshooting: Hands-On, that provides attendees with instruction in configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting networks using a comprehensive set of tools and techniques.
Earning a CCVP certification validates a robust set of skills in implementing, operating, configuring and troubleshooting a converged IP network.
Polycom also announced a new version of the InstantDesigner(TM) configuration wizard for Vortex products, which assists integrators in configuring complex room system layouts in minutes rather than hours, saving time and money.
With its legacy of successfully managing large amounts of inventory and complex networks, SchlumbergerSema is fully prepared to manage the process of configuring thousands of devices at the 2004 Games in Athens.
As a result, MEDIA MANAGER reduces Network-I's time spent configuring, scheduling and launching their customers' meetings and enables Network-I to monitor the calls in real-time, ensuring the reliability of the service.