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  • verb

Synonyms for configure

to create by combining parts or elements

Words related to configure

set up for a particular purpose

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Get your questions answered and receive direct feedback from the team at Configure.
Choose Wireless Networks to configure your NIC, which tells your laptop which wireless network to connect to.
Configure Windows 8 Style Applications & Internet Explorer 10
The Client Configuration Agent should also be installed on the source PC along with the Security ID generation (SIDgen) tools for NT if the image will be used to install and configure NT machines.
A new product in SNAPin's award-winning SelfService suite, SelfService Configure lets operators deliver their brand experience on mobile phones by installing and managing a custom set of applications and media elements, leveraging the storage on large memory SIM cards.
3 to rapidly configure an application from schema to service.
System administrators can utilize easy-to-use management tools to configure popular Linux server roles, simplify the day-to-day management of Linux servers, and easily integrate Linux with a Windows network including integration with Microsoft Active Directory.
Spotfire DXP provides administrators with the ability to access data sources across the enterprise and to centrally configure analytic solutions to scale across a wide variety of user and group profiles.
Professionals who are required to configure networks and resolve related problems will have the opportunity during this course to gain the skills they need to do their jobs more effectively in support of their organizations," said Jennifer Urick, Vice President of Product Development for Learning Tree International.
Ultimus BAMstudio--An application that allows business users to easily design and configure new BAMports and set their attributes and properties.